According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children aged 1-4. The good news? Our baby swim classes at British Swim School teach lifesaving water survival skills to children as young as 3-months old.

Here are 5 of the benefits of enrolling your child in baby swimming lessons:

Cognitive Development

Swimming lessons encourage your baby’s brain to grow by using both sides of the body to complete an action. While swimming, opposite sides of the body work together to coordinate the right arm and left leg, then the left arm and right leg. Making these connections in the brain may lead to improved reading skills, language development, academic skills, and spatial awareness in the future. Baby swimming lessons can also help to improve balance, coordination, and motor skills while in a sensory-rich environment.

Water Safety & Acclimation

Water acclimation classes introduce young swimmers to the water for the first time, reducing their fear and the potential for tears. In baby swim classes, babies develop water safety and survival skills while having fun and becoming comfortable and confident in the water. Babies can also learn the basics of water survival, like floating on their backs, so they are able to breathe and call out for help or cry, to get the attention of those around them.

Parental Bonding

Our program teaches parents about water safety for infants. Why? We want all parents to know how to keep their kids safe around the water. Plus, you’ll get a lot out of our parent-assisted swimming classes, gaining lifelong memories and learning valuable water safety skills, which are crucial for keeping young children safe around the water.

Health & Exercise

During swimming classes, babies can use and strengthen their joints and muscles more than they would on land, as well as strengthen their hearts and lungs. Gentle exercise like swimming lessons can improve the baby’s sleeping pattern and appetite, so make sure to bring snacks for after your swimming lessons! 


Swimming lessons for babies build their confidence in and around the water. During swimming lessons, babies interact with each other and the instructor, which will help improve their social skills and ability to function in groups. Together, these aspects of swimming can boost your baby’s self-esteem and confidence.


Baby swimming lessons present a handful of benefits from a health, safety, and social standpoint. Water safety is very important and drowning is a real danger, especially for young kids. Starting swim lessons as early as  3-months allows your baby to be safe, comfortable, and confident in the water. Learn more about our baby swimming classes and enroll today at