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Why is my child sometimes out of the water during such a short swimming lesson?

Our kids swimming lessons are all 30 minutes and very efficient and effective. Even while your child is on the side of the pool, they are watching other students. Usually, there are multiple lessons in the water and they are able to watch more advanced lessons. Seeing others do what they are learning is an excellent teaching tool. Our instructors interact with all students in a methodical manner, and there is no wasted time during the lessons.

Why does my child have to learn to float before they start “swim” lessons?

The back float is the ultimate survival skill. A child floating on their back is able to breathe and cry for help. As students advance, this skill is also necessary. If they get tired while swimming, they will know to roll over to rest and catch their breath. Open bodies of water do not have a “side” to get to, so this is the best way to ensure safety. We always teach our swimmers to be fully swim safe in our survival lessons before they can even move on to our swimming lessons!

What will each swimmer require to be fully prepared for their lesson?

Double diaper* (if needed)
Goggles (levels Turtle 2 and up only)
A British Swim School swim cap is mandatory. Swimmers can opt to wear a second, tighter fitting swim cap underneath if desired.
Towel – sadly they have to get out some time!

What kind of training do your instructors have?

All of our Instructors have completed our intensive British Swim School Instructor training and exams. They also have a national Lifeguard and First Aid Certification.

What is the earliest age I can enroll my child to learn to swim?

British Swim School teaches children as young as 3 months old. If enrolling at that age, please see Tadpole or use the class wizard found on the desired school location to determine the correct program level.

What if my child is afraid of the water?

Our instructors are well trained for managing this, and our lessons are planned to help all children acclimate to and be comfortable in the water before we work on developing their skills. We work really hard in our lessons to be sure that any fears a student has turns into confidence in the water.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Please speak with your local British Swim School team about their cancellation and make-up policy.

What does a 30 minute lesson include?

Our lessons focus on learning skills and working on lesson goals in a fun, gentle and progressive manner. During the 30 minute lesson we engage the children through songs and activities to help increase their muscle memory while learning essential survival skills.

My child is under 3 and has met their Seahorse goals, are they too young for Minnow?

We understand that every child is unique, and we place great emphasis on ensuring that your child graduates to the appropriate swim program based on their individual swim abilities, not just their age. Once your child has consistently met the goals of their current lesson, they are able to advance to the next level. We believe this will ensure that your child receives the appropriate level of instruction and attention, leading to a safe and happy swim experience!

My child is 24 months old and loves the water and other people, but this is our first swim lesson. Do I enroll them in Seahorse or Tadpole?

You would enroll your child in Tadpole! This program focuses not only on water acclimation but starts the basic foundation of back floats and submersions. These skills are progressed at the Swimboree level as well as learning a survival skill of rolling over paired with their back float. The goals in Seahorse work toward a higher level of independence that would need the building blocks learned in earlier levels.

My child has attended swim lessons and is able to swim, but not float. Can we start in Turtle 1?

Initially, we teach our students to be water-safe. This includes learning to enter the water, roll over, surface on their backs, and float independently for 20 seconds. These skills are required in the Turtle 1 level. Your child is able to move up from Minnow to Turtle 1 once they demonstrate these skills.

My 2 ½ year old is potty trained. Do they need to be double diapered?

Yes! Please remember any child under 3, or any child not fully potty trained must wear two swim diapers. One disposable swim diaper and one re-useable diaper on top OR two disposable swim diapers over each other. This ensures the health and safety of all students and instructors should there be any accidents.

Is there anything I can do at home to help my child’s learning progress?

Yes, practicing at home will help tremendously! If you have a pool at home, you should practice swimming as much as possible. If you do not have a pool, many skills can be practiced in the bathtub.

How many other children will be in the lesson?

The maximum ratio for our Tadpole and Stroke Development lessons is 6:1 (students to instructor). All other lessons are maximum 4:1. Please note, student to instructor ratios may vary by location.

How do you teach babies as young as 3 months old to learn swim survival skills at such a young age?

There is a huge and well documented benefit to getting children into swimming lessons at a young age. We know that children (and adults) learn best with repetition and fun. Repeating activities within our structured swim lessons, while engaging swimmers, also releases endorphins which helps increase muscle memory. Group lessons are also key in teaching young children to swim because typically, they will repeat what others are doing; floating and having fun!

Do you offer lessons for adults?

We do have a fantastic adult program which is organized to focus on the needs of the individual swimmer. Please contact your local British Swim School for more information.

Do you offer a Special Abilities program?

At British Swim School we are proud to have a specialized program focused on the abilities of each child in our program. Please speak with your local British Swim School for more information.

Do I have to leave if my child is upset?

Absolutely not! We encourage all of our parents to stay and use the momentum of the water to help calm the child down. We completely understand that children can have bad days. It is our job to keep working with them on the goals of the lesson. We won’t give up on your little swimmer!

Can I open my own British Swim School?

Yes! British Swim School is a franchising organization with over 300 schools operating in 30 states with international locations in Canada. We are always looking for passionate, driven franchise owners and will provide you with the support you need to open your business. If you’re interested in opening a British Swim School in your area, please visit britishswimschoolfranchise.com for more information.

As a parent/guardian, what lessons must I participate in?

All of our programs for children under 3 years old normally require parent participation. It is important for us to focus on the progression of your child through all of these levels. One of the major goals is creating acclimation to the water for both you and your child. Our first two levels, Tadpole and Swimboree, require a parent/guardian in the water and our Seahorse level requires that a parent/guardian is sitting on the pool deck directly with their child.

Is it alright if my child has two different instructors during the week?

Yes! All British Swim School instructors teach the same method, and it is important for your child to be able to swim with more than one person. Our swim instructors work closely with one another and will communicate anything beneficial to your child’s progress.

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