Need help figuring out which class is right for you or your child? Find detailed information about each of our programs below!

The teaching fundamentals at the heart of our aquatics program have not changed, but we are elevating the steps we’re taking to keep you safe during swimming lessons with us.


Water Acclimation: 3 Months to 36 Months with Parent (6 Children Max, Parent-assisted lesson)

If you’re seeking baby or toddler swim lessons, Tadpole is the perfect place for children to initiate their swimming journey! Our water acclimation program for infants and toddlers is designed to familiarize them with water and alleviate their apprehensions with our goal of “No tears, No fear”. Our parent and baby swim lessons will involve a lot of singing and water play, allowing your child to freely and independently explore the water environment.

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5 Goals of Tadpole

  1. Water acclimation
  2. No tears, no fear
  3. Assisted back float with ears in
  4. Full gentle submersion
  5. Working on independence in the swim ring


Beginner Water Survival: 3 Months to 36 Months with Parent (4 Children Max, Parent-assisted lesson)

Swimboree lessons will build from the Tadpole level, allowing your little ones to begin learning water survival skills. Your swimming instructor will work one-on-one with you and your child in our structured program of songs, games, and fun. Little swimmers must graduate from the Tadpole swim lessons before enrolling in Swimboree.

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5 Goals of Swimboree

  1. Assisted (or independent) back floating
  2. Assisted (or independent) submerged rollover
  3. Full submersion from the wall (sitting or standing)
  4. Able to separate from the parent
  5. Independent in the swim ring


Advanced Water Survival: 18 Months to 36 Months (4 Children Max)

The emphasis on water survival is carried into the Seahorse program, where students will work one-on-one with their swimming instructor without assistance from parents. In Seahorse, parents sit on the pool deck and actively participate in their child’s swimming lessons. To enroll in Seahorse, students must meet the Swimboree goals.

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5 Goals of Seahorse

  1. Independent back float
  2. Independent underwater rollover and float
  3. Push from wall and rollover
  4. Jump in, rollover and float for 20 seconds independently
  5. Independence from parent(s)


Water Acclimation: 3+ Years (4 Children Max)

These gentle water acclimation lessons for ages 3 and up are aimed at creating a positive atmosphere for a first-time water experience and developing skills that will be useful throughout the program. At this stage, we teach techniques such as back floating and complete independent submersion.

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5 Goals of Starfish

  1. Water acclimation
  2. No tears, no fear
  3. Independent back float
  4. Independent jump from wall with submersion
  5. Independence in the swim ring


Beginner Water Survival: 3+ Years (4 Children Max)

Are you looking for beginner swimming lessons for your water-loving child? Our small group swim lessons focus on fun, safety, and building water independence skills. You can observe your children having a blast with their swim instructor while learning fundamental water survival techniques.

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5 Goals of Minnow

  1. Safe entry/safe exit
  2. Jump in, rollover and float for 20 seconds independently
  3. Independent glide back to the wall
  4. Elementary backstroke for 10 cycles
  5. Swordfish start, push glide from wall into a rollover. Back float for 20 seconds.

Turtle 1

Advanced Water Survival: 3+ Years (4 Children Max)

Turtle 1 is a small group kids’ swimming lesson, where children will learn propulsion skills that are essential for water survival. They will be taught beginner strokes on their back and front to prepare them for more advanced stroke levels.

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5 Goals of Turtle 1

  1. Streamline with flutter kick independently
  2. Swim-roll-swim to safety
  3. Independently swim 10 yards or 10 cycles of beginner backstroke with arms out
  4. Independently swim 10 yards or 10 cycles of beginner freestyle with arms out
  5. Demonstrate breathing on the side

Turtle 2

Beginner Stroke Skills: 3+ Years (6 Children Max)

In Turtle 2, students focus on achieving proper coordination of arms, legs, and breathing for three different strokes: freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Additionally, an introduction to the butterfly stroke is provided. Students are kept active throughout the lesson, swimming in pairs or small groups.

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5 Goals of Turtle 2

  1. Backstroke 20 yards
  2. Freestyle 20 yards
  3. Recognizable breaststroke 10 yards
  4. Demonstrate butterfly kick 10 yards
  5. Tread water for 1 minute

Shark 1

Advanced Stroke Skills: 3+ Years (6 Children Max)

In these advanced swimming lessons for kids, swimmers have the opportunity to refine their techniques in all four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. The lessons are designed to encourage constant movement allowing children to swim in groups of two or three.

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5 Goals of Shark 1

  1. Backstroke 25 yards
  2. Freestyle 25 yards
  3. Breaststroke 25 yards
  4. Butterfly 25 yards
  5. Freestyle flip turn

Shark 2

Pre-Team Swimmers: 3+ Years (6 Children Max)

Does your child have a passion for swimming? Our Shark 2 swimming lessons are designed to prepare students for future swim team participation by focusing on drills, starts and turns, individual medleys, and enhancing speed and stamina in the water.

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5 Goals of Shark 2

  1. Backstroke 50 yards
  2. Freestyle 50 yards
  3. Breaststroke 50 yards
  4. Butterfly 50 yards
  5. Starts and turns for each stroke


The Barracudas are the superstars of our swimming program!

Coached by experienced instructors, students improve their individual swimming technique. Swimming regularly to further increase distance, stamina and speed, this fun league develops healthy competition and team-building. Available at select locations. Contact the pools in your area to learn more.

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Young Adult

Beginners to experienced

It’s never too late to learn lifesaving swimming skills! Geared toward students 12+, this program takes our traditional British Swim School methods and applies them in a way that’s designed to work with young adult swimmers to help them feel comfortable and safe in the water. Available at select locations.

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Beginners to experienced

Personalized attention focused on the areas that each student needs the most. Instructors work with each student to create a program based around safety and skill depending on each individual’s needs. Available at select locations.

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Dolphin 1

Water Acclimation: Special Ability Students

Swimming lessons are modified from our core program on a case-by-case basis to support children with special abilities. Bottom line: we focus on what they can do instead of what they can not. The swim instructor will work one-on-one with each student to acclimate the student to the water with sensory play activities while working on an introduction to skills that will be used in the next level(s). While the student is in the water, parents are encouraged to be on the deck and participating if that is what is best for the swimmer. Ratio is 1:1. Available at select locations.

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Dolphin 2

Water Survival: Special Ability Students

Personalized attention focused on assimilating students with special abilities into our core curriculum with a focus on survival based skills; back floating and safe submersions. Parents may still be involved at this point, but we are looking to build independence from the parent, moving to inclusion on a case-by-case basis. The goal when this level is completed is to have the child enter at our Minnow level. Ratio may be increased to 2:1 depending on the abilities of the swimmer(s). Available at select locations.

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