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Why Mummy & Daddy Pig
Suggest Swim Lessons

Discover the Benefits of Swim Lessons

    “Safety first! Swim lessons help our little piggies stay safe near water, giving us a lovely peace of mind, Daddy Pig.”
    “Quite right, Mummy Pig! Plus, it’s splendid for their physical and social skills. Watching them learn is a real treat.”
    “And how it boosts their confidence! Each lesson makes them more independent and safe in the water, doesn’t it?”
  • FUN
    “Absolutely, Mummy Pig! It’s all about the fun, too. Splashing about and creating memories to last a lifetime!”
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Why Peppa & George
Prefer British Swim School

Program Overview for All Ages & Experience Levels

    “It’s so much fun in the water, George! We get to play and splash, and the instructors help us feel really safe and comfy, just like when we play at home!”
    “Yeah! I enjoy swimming, Peppa. We’re learning important safety skills and now I feel as brave as Mr. Dinosaur in the water… Grrr!”
    “Yes, George! And we’re learning to swim like proper swimmers with all the different strokes. It’s like being on a big water adventure every lesson!”
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What Peppa’s Friends Love the Most

Explore What Sets British Swim School Apart

    “Meow! We learn to be safe in the water first. It’s purr-fect for keeping us safe and making our parents less worried.”
    “Woof! We have goals for every level, which we can achieve at our own pace. And the instructors are great at encouraging us.”
    “Baa! Every time we swim, we follow the same fun lesson structure. It makes us feel more confident as we progress.”
    “Neigh! The instructors are gentle and friendly. They know how to make swimming fun for us, no matter how old we are.”
    “Hop, hop! There aren’t too many students, so the instructor can help each of us. It’s great because we get lots of attention.”
    “Trumpet-toot! We’re able to swim all year. That way, we’re always improving our skills and becoming safer swimmers.”
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Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest age I can enroll my child?

We're dedicated to teaching water safety to children of all ages, starting as young as 3 months. And there's no age limit for our program. Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, we have the right program to help them become water-safe.

What kind of curriculum and programs are offered?

Our curriculum-based program focuses on water acclimation, water survival, and stroke development. As you progress through our program, they’ll find comfort in the familiar class structure they’ve come to know and trust. This consistency ensures a smooth and seamless transition to more advanced levels, building confidence throughout your learn-to-swim journey.

How many students participate in each lesson?

We take pride in maintaining small groups at every level. In our water acclimation and water survival programs, you can expect no more than 4 students per instructor. And in our stroke development classes, our commitment to quality instruction means a maximum of 6 students per instructor. These small group sizes ensure you receive the personal attention and individual guidance you need to make progress.

How is progress tracked?

We're committed to tracking and celebrating your progress. You receive five clearly defined goals at every level and advance individually at your own pace. These goals also inform our instruction, ensuring you receive support based on your unique skill set and learning style.

What kind of training do your instructors have?

Our instructors are skilled, experienced, and enjoy working with children of all ages. They’ve completed our extensive British Swim School instructor training and hold national certifications in lifeguarding and first aid, further emphasizing our commitment to safety in every lesson.

How much do swim lessons cost?

Pricing can vary depending on factors such as the number of lessons you plan to take each week and the number of swimmers you're signing up. For detailed pricing information, please visit the dedicated webpage for your preferred location. There, you'll find all the details you need to make an informed decision.

How do I determine my level and enroll?

Start by finding a nearby British Swim School location. Then, take our question-based swim assessment, which will match you with the best program based on your age and skill level. Next, check the availability and complete your registration online in just a few simple steps.
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Parent Testimonials

Hear From Members of the British Swim School Family


“I wish I knew about British Swimming School when my children first started swim lessons years ago. From the very first lesson, my daughter had a newfound confidence in the water. Plus, I love the small group sizes, so each child receives plenty of individual attention. The instructors are both caring and knowledgeable. Thanks to everyone for their exceptional work!”

— Sofia F.


“Our experience at British Swim School has been outstanding! The instructors are great, and each class is full of fun and excitement. It’s incredibly comforting to see my child gaining the skills to be safe in the water. A huge thank you to the entire team for their dedication!”

— Murphy N.


“What sets the British Swim School program apart for me is its emphasis on survival swimming, not just basic swimming skills. Plus, the staff and instructors are great. They’re courteous and professional, but also show kindness and are gentle with the kids. I’d encourage anyone interested in swimming lessons to try British Swim School!”

— Anna P.


“After just three lessons at British Swim School, I can already see the difference in my kids’ skills. The teaching method stands out, with goals set in achievable, measurable steps and time to ensure each child receives focused attention. I also really like the small group size with only four students per instructor. I’m thrilled we made the switch and only wish we had started at British Swim School sooner!”

— Eshan G.


“The swim classes at British Swim School provided an excellent opportunity for our son to join a small group, working together toward comfort in the water. We’re so happy with the results. It’s given us great experiences during our family swimming outings. We’re grateful for this wonderful experience.”

— Alistair T.


“The swim lessons at British Swim School are fantastic! My daughters are enjoying their experience and have shown so much improvement in their abilities in recent months. They’ve become much more confident and independent in the water. I highly recommend this program to other families looking for swim instruction.”

— Emma H.

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