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Are you worried about your child’s safety around the water? As a parent, you know accidents can happen quickly and unexpectedly, and they can leave lasting consequences for your family. But don’t worry! Swimming lessons for kids help your child stay safe while providing many other exciting benefits. 

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the importance of water safety and how swimming can benefit your child’s development. We’ll also teach you about our swimming lessons for kids and help you pick the right class level. So, let’s dive in and discover how swimming can make a big splash in your child’s life!

If you’re an adult and want to learn how to swim, check out our blog post on adult swimming lessons and our unique program. We use the tried-and-true British Swim School methods to help adults feel at ease and safe while learning to swim.

Water Safety Benefits of Swimming Classes for Kids

Did you know that drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death for kids? It’s a frightening fact we can’t ignore. Although it’s unsettling, it’s important not to overlook the reality of drowning as a threat to children’s lives. Ignoring this issue places their safety at risk.

Most importantly, swimming classes for kids teach them how to stay safe in and around the water. They’ll learn to float, tread water, and rescue themselves or others in an emergency. This is important because it prepares them for unexpected situations and reduces the risk of accidents.

You might be wondering, “Can swimming lessons really make a difference?” The answer is yes! Swimming lessons have proven to be highly effective in reducing the risk of drowning among children.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% for children between the ages of 1-4 years. This statistic highlights the impact swimming lessons can have on your child’s safety. Whether you’re starting with baby swimming lessons or enrolling an older child, swimming lessons provide safety benefits for kids of all ages!

But swimming classes for kids offer more than just swim instruction. They also teach essential water safety and survival skills that can protect your child for the rest of their life!

Physical & Mental Benefits of Swimming Classes for Kids

Besides water safety, swimming lessons offer benefits that extend to other aspects of your child’s life. They help your child develop confidence and contribute to both their physical and mental growth. As your child progresses in their swimming lessons, they’ll gain new skills, overcome obstacles, and experience the joy of accomplishing their goals.

Physical Development & Health Benefits

Swimming can have a positive impact on your child’s physical development. When they swim, their whole body gets a workout. They use their arms, legs, and core muscles to move through the water. This makes their muscles stronger and improves their overall strength and endurance.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise, placing less stress on their joints than activities like running or jumping. This makes it a suitable activity for kids of all ages because it protects their joints while strengthening their hearts and lungs. But that’s not all. 

Swimming can also improve coordination and motor skills. Children have to coordinate their arm and leg movements to swim, helping their brain and body work together. This can improve their overall coordination skills, like hand-eye coordination.

Plus, it also helps with flexibility. Moving in the water helps stretch your child’s muscles and increases their range of motion. This makes them more flexible, which is important for preventing injuries and improving their overall mobility. It’s a fantastic activity for their physical development, and it’s a lot of fun too!

Mental Development & Brainpower Benefits

Swimming classes for kids can also improve their cognitive function. While swimming, your child’s brain gets more oxygen because they’re taking deep breaths and their heart is pumping faster. This extra oxygen helps their brain work better and makes them more alert and focused.

It also requires concentration and coordination. They have to pay attention to their body movements, like kicking their legs and moving their arms. This helps their brain develop better coordination skills and improves their ability to concentrate on tasks.

Plus, swimming is a fun activity that reduces stress. When they’re in the water, your child can relax and let go of any worries or anxieties they’re feeling. 

So, if you’re looking to boost your child’s focus and brainpower, swimming lessons might be the perfect solution. These skills have the potential to positively affect their performance in school and their life as a whole!

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What to Expect at British Swim School

Are you looking for a safe and fun way to introduce your child to swimming? Look no further than British Swim School!

Our swimming lessons for kids are designed to help your child become comfortable in the water, learn essential water safety skills, and develop swimming techniques through fun and engaging play-based learning.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of children at different stages of development. With our certified instructors, your child will enjoy singing, splashing, and having fun while learning how to float, swim, and move through the water safely. Our play-based approach makes learning fun while helping your child retain new skills.

We track progress at all levels of our program and set clear goals related to water acclimation, water safety, and stroke techniques. Your child will feel motivated and rewarded as they consistently achieve their goals and progress through our program.

Our instructors are certified professionals with extensive experience, including British Swim School Instructor training, national lifeguard, and first aid certifications. You can be confident that your child is in excellent hands with our passionate instructors who are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential.

Our swimming lessons for kids offer a fun and effective way for your child to develop essential water safety skills while having a blast. With our small group lessons, play-based approach, structured curriculum, and experienced instructors, you’ll soon understand what sets us apart as a leading swim school!

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Explore our Swimming Lessons for Kids

At British Swim School, we believe it’s never too early or late to learn how to swim. That’s why we offer swim lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. 

Our curriculum-based program allows your child to start at the best class level for their skill set and progress gradually at their own pace. They’ll follow a familiar and structured class format at each level, allowing your child to transition seamlessly from one level to the next. 

Starfish: Water Acclimation

The Starfish program offers a perfect starting point for your swimming journey. This program focuses on creating a positive environment for first-time swimmers, so they can develop foundational skills that will be used throughout our full program. 

Through fun and engaging activities, our swimming instructors will help your child feel comfortable and confident in the water. Plus, they’ll introduce your child to beginner-level water safety and swimming techniques, such as floating and exploring the water independantly. 

Minnow: Beginner Water Survival

Graduation from our Starfish program is a prerequisite for enrolling in Minnow. This requirement guarantees your child is comfortable in the water, facilitating a smooth and seamless transition to Minnow.

In the Minnow program, we continue to focus on fun, safety, and independence in the water. Our swimming instructors will teach your child to float on their back so they can breathe and call out for help in an emergency. We’ll be patient and keep working with your child to ensure they retain the information and new skills they’re learning. 

Turtle 1: ​​Advanced Water Survival

Graduation from our Minnow program is a prerequisite for enrolling in Turtle 1. This requirement guarantees your child has a strong foundation of water survival skills, facilitating a smooth and seamless transition to Turtle 1.

In the Turtle 1 program, we’ll introduce new skills that allow your child to move their body from the water’s surface to safety. This is our “transition level,” where we work on more advanced survival skills while introducing the basic stroke techniques. Our swimming instructors will support your child as they build their independence and become safer swimmers.

Turtle 2: Beginner Stroke Skills

Graduation from our Turtle 1 program is a prerequisite for enrolling in Turtle 2. This requirement guarantees your child has mastered our water survival goals, facilitating a smooth and seamless transition to Turtle 2.

In the Turtle 2 program, your child has officially become a safer swimmer! Now that they’ve achieved the goals of our water survival levels, we’ll help them become stronger swimmers by introducing them to more advanced swimming techniques. Following our stroke of the week calendar, we’ll focus on form rather than distance and introduce new drills.

Shark 1: Advanced Stroke Skills

Graduation from our Turtle 2 program is a prerequisite for enrolling in Shark 1. This requirement guarantees your child is ready for more rigorous swimming drills, facilitating a smooth and seamless transition to Shark 1.

In the Shark 1 program, we’ll add to the skills your child has already learned and introduce new drills that emphasize proper form, building stamina, and increasing distance. We alternate between different swim strokes each week (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) and focus on perfecting their techniques and increasing the distance they swim.

Shark 2: Pre-Team Swimmers

Graduation from our Shark 1 program is a prerequisite for enrolling in Shark 2. This requirement guarantees your child is ready for the final level in our program, facilitating a smooth and seamless transition to Shark 2.

In the Shark 2 program, we continue to introduce new drills with more of a focus on stamina, form, breath control, and distance. We’ll also introduce the proper starts and turns for all four swim strokes. Our goal is to get them ready for the swim team!

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Swim instructor teaching a swimming lesson for kids

Join the British Swim School Family & Become a Safer Swimmer

Swimming lessons are a safe and enjoyable activity that can help your child stay active, make new friends, and build their confidence. Plus, they teach essential life skills that can save lives in an emergency.

At British Swim School, our program starts with gentle water acclimation and survival techniques before moving on to stroke development. By focusing on water safety, your child will gain the skills necessary to survive an emergency situation in the water.

Our swim lessons for kids are available year-round at over 300 locations in the US and Canada, with small swim classes to ensure each swimmer receives personalized attention and instruction. Our professional instructors are passionate about swimming and will inspire and motivate you throughout your learning journey.

Don’t wait any longer to give your child the gift of water safety. Enroll in our swim school today and start learning to stay safe in the water for life!

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