Kids on side of pool during swimming lessonsLearning to swim gives individuals benefits that can last a lifetime. Here at British Swim School, we offer a variety of swimming lessons for swimmers 3-months old to adults. Here are five of the biggest reasons why swimming lessons are important:

Improve and Maintain Safety

If there’s one reason to enroll yourself or your child in swimming lessons, it’s water safety. Approximately 4,000 accidental drowning deaths occur annually in the United States alone – an average of 11 accidental drowning deaths per day. Learning to swim teaches swimmers to be safer around bodies of water, how to be comfortable around water, and how to save themselves in case of a water emergency.

British Swim School focuses first on water safety and survival before progressing to stroke development and more advanced swimming methods. Our swimmers must have the skills to survive in the water before we teach them to swim. A strong baseline of water survival skills builds the foundation for safety! 

Provides Health Benefits

Physical activity has benefits for everyone. At any level, swimming is a great way to maintain your health as you age – you can improve your stamina and burn calories for a low-impact, easily sustainable activity. Children who are physically active in early childhood are more likely to stay active as they grow older. Swimming is one of the best ways for anyone to get exercise, offering numerous health benefits that include improved muscular development, cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, and physical coordination.

Builds Teamwork

Swimming lessons at British Swim School include a mix of individual and team-based activities. Kids need to learn teamwork and social skills early. Our group class approach also allows swimmers to watch others and mimic their movements, resulting in quicker learning. Swimming in a group setting also promotes peer encouragement and friendly competition.

Encourages Goal-Setting

Developing strong swimming skills involves learning to set and achieve goals. Swimming lessons at British Swim School help children develop self-motivation skills, which are incredibly valuable as they grow older. Our program offers several class levels, with different skills taught in each class. Students graduate to the next class level once they’ve mastered the required skills, and we celebrate their accomplishments to encourage ongoing achievement.  

It’s Fun

Parents love the water safety skills, physical activity, and life lessons that swimming offers kids. But what kids love most about swimming lessons is how much fun they have in the pool! Swimming lessons at British Swim School are packed with fun activities, songs, and games so that kids have a blast while learning how to swim and stay safe in the water.

British Swim School offers swimming lessons for babies, children, and adults, focusing first on water survival skills needed to survive a water accident before moving on to stroke development and more advanced skills. British Swim School was founded in 1981 using the unique and highly effective teaching methods that are a recognized trademark of the brand today. Acquired by Buzz Franchise Brands in early 2019, British Swim School is the latest addition to the Buzz Franchise Brands family, which includes Pool Scouts, a pool cleaning and maintenance company, and Home Clean Heroes, a residential cleaning company. British Swim School currently operates over 200 schools across the United States and Canada.

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