By Melissa McGarvey, Director of Aquatics, British Swim School

Did you know that British Swim School not only offers lessons for infants, children, and young adults, but that we also set ourselves apart from other swim schools by offering unique adult swim lessons?

Our adult program has three levels:

  • Water Acclimation – for those hesitant around water
  • Water Survival – for the inexperienced
  • Stroke Development – for the advanced

Our instructors give you personal attention to help strengthen the areas of your swimming where you need some guidance, regardless of what level you are at.

At any level, swimming is a great way to maintain your health as you age – you can improve your stamina and burn calories for a low-impact, easily sustainable activity.

And, did you know that over 54% of Americans are unable to swim well enough to save themselves, let alone someone else? Not only that, but learning and improving your swimming skills will also provide a good example for children and youth to follow.

The Sad Drowning Facts

  • Currently, eleven people die daily from unintentional drowning
  • Drowning is the third leading unintentional cause of death worldwide
  • Over 47% of all worldwide drowning deaths in 2012 were adults 25+ years old

How do you know if you have the skills to save yourself? You can:

  1. Float or tread water for one minute
  2. Spin around in water and find a way out
  3. Get out of a pool without a ladder
  4. Swim one pool length without stopping
  5. Jump into deep water and come up for air

If you cannot perform all of the above skills, it’s likely that you will be unable to save yourself in an emergency water situation.

If you can perform all five skills and are an experienced swimmer, that’s great! If you’re looking for additional skills, we also assist adult triathletes with stroke development to improve their times and to make them more comfortable in the swim portion of their event.

British Swim School has been successful in working with people of every age and swimming level. Our goal is for you to feel safe and comfortable in the water. Find the nearest pool and sign up for an adult lesson today!

British Swim School instructor giving adult swim lessons