Then-now-MinMeet Minjae Haughton, a swimmer from one of our Maryland locations. Below is her story, which is not only inspiring, but a joy to read. (We strived to keep the exact language she used when submitting her story.) As a bonus, her parent also provided some feedback on her experience.

Minjae Haughton
Age when student began lessons: 3
Age of student now: 8
Current program level: Barracuda

When you began, what was your swimming goal? I don’t think I had a goal to swim. I liked water, I loved to play in the water and I wanted to play in deep water without drowning.
Minjae-thenWhat is your first swimming memory? I was scared when water hit my eyes but when I was able to float all by myself, I felt like I was on the soft blanket.

What was your instructor’s name? My first instructor was Ms. Bonnie. I had had Mr. Josh, Ms. Chrystal, Ms. Leslie and Ms. Courtney.

What is your swimming goal today? I still fix my stroke little by little. I want to swim fast and more without getting tired. I get very tired and hard to catch my breath after 200m lap.

If you could swim anywhere, where would it be? I want to swim in the sea, near beach with wave. I always think about swimming when I see the water like pond, beach and waterfall.

Would you like to teach others how to swim? Yes, absolutely. I have taught my friends how to start back stroke and breast stroke kick, in-out-together.

What is the most valuable lesson swimming has taught you? Swimming is fun, swimming makes you healthy. If you know how to swim, you can save your life and others.

How are you affiliated with BSS today? My two younger brothers are in BSS and we are receiving newsletters of BSS through Facebook.

Parent comments:
Thank you so much to help young kids to swim and enjoy the water. I strongly recommend British Swim School to the parents who want early start in swimming as well as who has asthmatic kids like Minjae.