Then-now-IsabellaMeet Isabella Ortega, a swimmer from one of our Florida locations. Below is her story, as told by her parent (Thanks, Mom!).

Isabella Ortega
Age when student began lessons: 3
Age of student now: 7
Current program level: Barracuda Swim Team

When you began, what was your swimming goal?
To float, to be able to stay safe on water.
Isabella-yellow-cap-6-2013What is your first swimming memory? Bella was afraid of swimming classes. She said: “I don’t know how to swim, mom!” I replied: “You don’t know YET!” that was our first lesson: You can learn anything you want to.

What was your instructor’s name? Sarah

What is your swimming goal today? To win…and to have fun along the way.

If you could swim anywhere, where would it be? Bahamas!Isabella Ortega swimming

Would you like to teach others how to swim? Yes, I want to teach babies how to float.

What is the most valuable lesson swimming has taught you? To just “keep swimming.” Some days you win, others you lose, but when you practice you get better and better. It’s important to also have fun, then you will go home as a champion.