When I started British Swim School, it wasn’t to become rich and famous. It came from a place of love. All my life, I’ve loved the sport of swimming. I love children. I love empowering others to gain skills and confidence in the water. And I love watching our swim instructors feel gratified by their work.
blog-teachworkofheartTeaching is a work of heart. The best teachers have passion they want to share; they want to use their knowledge for good. In my experience, learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Top-notch education happens every day in our pools. Our qualified instructors make families safer and happier, teaching kids and adults about the power and beauty of water.
British Swim School’s mission is to save lives and we fortunately do so every day! Some kids come to us overly enthusiastic about swimming and need to learn about safety. Other people are nervous around water and require some special TLC. Many of our tiniest students have never been in a pool, but swiftly learn how to back float! No matter the reason for lessons, we seize every opportunity to share our love of water with others.
I’m so grateful for the British Swim School swim instructors we have around the country. Teaching is truly a gift and our students definitely feel the love. If you or someone you know adore swimming as much as we do, please contact your local pool to see if they are hiring. Or have you considered opening a franchise in your neighborhood? Let us know – we love new talent!
Thanks for being part of the BSS family,
Rita Goldberg
Founder & CEO