Water safety is at the forefront of the British Swim School program, which is why students learn to float on their back and call for help before they learn basic swim strokes. It’s also why we hold Survival Week several times throughout the year, giving children the opportunity to learn how to navigate the water while fully clothed in a safe, controlled environment.

Swimming is an essential life skill, but it’s not something a child is going to learn overnight and some of the goals have multiple steps so it might take longer for your child to master. But this critical skill could save their life.

Studies have shown that children who have completed a formal swim program are 88% less likely to drown in a water accident, countering the troubling statistic that drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children under the age of five and a leading cause of accidental death for those under twelve.

Perhaps that’s why in 2020, the state of California declared what we all know to be true when they deemed swim instruction an “essential service,” allowing it to re-open and continue when most businesses had their doors closed.

At British Swim School, we care about the well being of your child, so keep swimming! 

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