Oh, August! It is so very hotAugust-icon-2-e1439479875335 and the water is calling our name! But as we all enjoy those Vitamin D-rich, sunny days by the pool, we must also protect ourselves from that tempting sunshine.
Those of us who like to spend time outside by water all know that it doesn’t take much to be overexposed to the sun. However, research continues to find more harmful, long-term effects of our sun’s rays. Here are a few tips to safely continue loving our pool and beach-loving hobbies (especially swimming).

As everyone knows, I am passionate about all kinds of safety, so please make sure everyone you know has taken the water safety pledge on our site: https://britishswimschool.com/water-safety/. We have more than 1,915 pledges and want to see that number continue to climb!
And yes, August also indicates Back to School. But in our world, it’s Back to POOL!!! Ask your local pool about specials if you sign up this month for fall and winter lessons.
Lastly, we want to hear about your love for water. Were you once scared? Can you swim across the pool by yourself? Did you see a cool body of water this summer? Tell us about it! Visit https://britishswimschool.com/tales-of-wonder/ today.
As always, thank you for being part of the British Swim School family!
Best Regards,
Rita Goldberg
Founder & CEO