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Why us?

6 important principles we believe in (that other swim schools don’t)…

At British Swim School, we’ve been trusted by families for over 36 years, because we built our program on six core beliefs:

  • We believe children can learn how to be safe in the water at ANY age.
  • We believe the best swim lessons are held without floaties.
  • We believe the best learn-to-swim lessons are held in small groups of a max. 4 students.
  • We believe instructors should be awesome people who are carefully selected and highly trained.
  • We believe that teaching should be both fun and goal-oriented.
  • We believe swim lessons should be year-round ongoing and not held in sessions.

If you share these beliefs, then we are the right swim school for you.

With over 13,000 lessons taught each week around the county, parents trust us with the safety of their children.

Call us today at (630) 333-9382 or scroll down the page to find the best class for you or your child(ren) in one of our west suburban Chicagoland locations.

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