What Do Our Parents Think?

I just wanted to mention

I just wanted to mention the owners of British Swim School in Brampton, Ann-Marie Mitchell. I was so amazed and thrilled at the lesson my children had this past weekend. Firstly the staff was absolutely amazing, Ann-Marie, Cameron, Sydney and Nishaan were all child focused, friendly, caring and so involved in the learning process and making it fun. I have never went to a swim school who taught kids the way they did with songs and soo much fun. I wanted to jump into the pool myself. Thrilled to be a part of the swin school and highly recommend Ann-Marie and her team.

Jo Marquez

Thank you British Swim School.

I signed up with British Swim School through a recommendation of a friend. My kiddo was afraid of water in his face even during bath time and i knew i had to somehow get him to over come his fear. I checked out quite a few swim schools prior to making a decision with this one. I know all swimming schools are always busy with kids learning how to swim but was told this was a new swimming school so i figured there would be less kids. Sure enough first day of class he was hanging on to my leg for dear life and did not want to go into the pool. Luckily he wasn’t screaming and crying but definitely refused to go in. The instructors there were really patient with him and trying to help get him in. Instructor Matt came out from the pool and helped got him in. He was great and very patient. He wasn’t pushy about it and tried to ease him into it but I gave Instructor Matt permission to just dunk my little fellow into the water (which helped). I was surprised how well my little one did during his first class. The swim instructors were great in assisting him as it was his first time learning. I also like how they provide an update at the end of each session on the child’s progress. He now enjoys every class that he goes to and looks forward to going to the next class. He even has a favorite swim instructor (Arely). In my opinion she is a great instructor for my son and knows when to push him to do what he needs to do to learn and keep making progress! My son now asks everyday when he can go swimming class again. Thank you British Swim School for making this happen for my son!


These classes have been so beneficial…

These classes have been so beneficial for our 4 year old son! He’s made so much progress from on day one and has gotten better every week. He couldn’t float on his back when we started and within a month he is swimming unassisted. Jason in San Marcos has been a phenomenal instructor and seems to care so much for every single one of his students! This is something I would recommend to all my friends with children!

Griffin Herring

A HUGE shout out

A HUGE shout out to Ms. Alyss, Ms. Kimmie, Ms. Megan, Ms. Courtney, and Ms. Destiny for amazing efforts to teach our kids confidence, survival skills and how to swim. You all have been amazing since day one and our entire family appreciates you. It’s clear this is your passion and how fortunate for us! Thank you for being role models, teaching and loving our kids.

Helma Parikh

Helma Parikh

The saying you can’t

The saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks has been proven wrong by Taylor (swim instructor). She has been a great instructor for me as an adult student. She has been patient and encouraging while teaching me proper swim and breathing techniques helping me to achieve my goals for an efficient and enjoyable workout. Thank you British Swim School and thank you Taylor.

Kathryn Robinson

Yesterday was my 3yo son’s

Yesterday was my 3yo son’s first class. We had been taking swim lessons at another business for months and were not seeing much progression, and he was not learning much of any water safety. After his first class with Jaquie we were blown away by how much he was engaged, how positive the environment was, and how he responded. When we got in the car he said “I want to go to swimming lessons everyday.” He started learning water safety right away and his demeanor was so different than the previous classes where he was distracted and bored. Thank you so much for this wonderful program! We definitely will be enrolling his little brother 🙂

Mandy Bardin

Nothing but great things to

Nothing but great things to say about BSS. My 2 year old loves his lessons and the instructors are great. He learns a lot and within a short period of time can float on his own and go under water. As a mom, these lessons give me peace of mind. Everyone I’ve met are so nice and kind. I tell everyone I know about British Swim School.

Daphné Gamboa

I have to say…

I have to say, as an adult learning to swim I was nervous and tense. Right away My instructor Julie gave me the proper training and confidence I needed to feel comfortable and safe! In the water. Julie is an amazing instructor! She is both experienced and patient, she know how to teach swimming! I’ve had instructors in the past who were great swimmers however couldn’t teach it. It’s been 4 weeks and I am so impressed that I can tread water in the deep end! Freestyle! Back stroke! And breast stroke! Amazing! THANK YOU JULIE you truly are a mermaid! I will now bring my 4 year old son for lessons with you, I trust your incredible and impressive skills as a teacher! I can now enjoy all my water activities in Hawaii knowing I’m safe in the water!

Diana Raymond

Attentive and Professional – 2018

My Son has been going for a few months now. The instructors take their time and are very knowledgeable on what they are teaching. My son now has the confidence and will continue to learn with them. Very happy with the service provided, and the management is very attentive and professional.  Brittany – Lake County

Brittany Cleveland

I wanted to reach out

I wanted to reach out to thank Sangheeta at the BSS in North New Jersey for being a very generous community business owner. I was holding a benefit concert for a family in town that unexpectedly died leaving 5 children under the age of 18 and a spouse. I asked Sangheeta if she could help sponsor the cost of ice cream that we were selling after the concert so that we could raise more money for the family and not only did she agree to help sponsor the ice cream but then she (and a helper) served the ice cream as well. I am grateful for her generosity. We were able to give $600 to this family that is devastated due to their huge loss.

Genevieve Schmidt

I am pleased with the

I am pleased with the services provided by British Swim School. I tried another swim school and disliked the fact the instructors who helped my lil swimmer did not seem to sync with him. He just wasn’t getting it. The instructors at British Swim School are patient and more mature. They take a genuine interest in helping him learn and he is making some noticeable improvements and actually building a solid foundation. I look forward to him enhancing that foundation and becoming a well-rounded swimmer. Thank you British Swim School for your dedication, excellence, professionalism and commitment to providing outstanding services.

Kathy Sims

My little 2 year old

My little 2 year old absolutely ADORES British Swim School! Thanks to the outstanding instructors she now “thinks she is Michael Phelps” as they jokingly say. They are so great with kids. Their patience, gentleness, and playfulness makes all the kids feel so comfortable and at ease in the water. My little one never wants to leave!! I am so very grateful for a swim school like this that really teaches the children and cares so much for them too. Shout out to all the AMAZING British Swim School instructors at the Rowlett, TX location, & a special thanks to Phillip for doing such an awesome job running it. British Swim School is the BEST!

Stephanie Marshall

British Swim School is by

British Swim School is by far the best swimming school I have ever experienced with my kids. My daughter, who was always afraid of water, lost her fear and learned how to swim very fast. My baby boy also has been learning so much already.

Karla dos Anjos

Consistently progressing since we started lessons

Hello, My 6 year old, Sammy, has weekly classes with Mr. Michael on Saturdays at the LA Fitness on Quince Orchard. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful instructor Michael is. He has an amazing combination of talents that make for a great teacher–he is gentle and kind, yet authoritative enough so that the children listen and pay attention. He is so sweet with the kids, and friendly and polite with the parents. Sammy loves him and has been consistently progressing since we started lessons last year. Michael does such a great job attending to each child’s individual needs and approaching challenges from different angles. I hope you do everything that you can to retain him. He seems to be the gold standard representative for British Swim School! I’m not sure what he does when he’s not an instructor, but he would be an amazing school teacher! Thanks so much, Liza B (also, my British husband concurs. 🙂 )

Coach Sarah is absolutely incredible.

Coach Sarah is absolutely incredible. She has just the right firmness to inspire children towards progress, yet balanced with just the right sensitivity to their needs and fears. My daughter had a difficult time when she transition to the next level. Coach Sarah worked her magic and Chloe was back on track within 1 session. Coach Sarah took the time to speak to Chloe and understand what was holding her back. Then, slowly coach Sarah integrated Chloe back into the water, and progressed from simple exercises to more difficult ones, until Chloe swan the whole pool. She then had Chloe look back and see her progress. I was amazed at the sensitivity and delicate care Sarah has shown towards Chloe. Chloe had struggled for 3 sessions, different instructors, and we were just about to quit. Yet, Sarah gave Chloe a new hope, and desire to swim. She woke up the next day asking if she could go swimming again that morning. This came from a child that would cry as soon as she’d recognize the route on the way to the swimming location. As long as coach Sarah is around, we will certainly be around and be customers of British Swim School. Sarah is an irreplaceable asset to British Swim School. She deserves a triple raise and perhaps her own throne. All jokes aside, the Skokie location is thriving today because of dedicated staff members like Sarah. Thank you Coach Sarah. I hope someone shares this message with you. Adela ( Chloe and Grace’s mom). 🙂

Adele Leahu Curescu (Chloe and Grace's mom at the Skokie Location)

Awesome work Nicole!!

My daughter started back in July of 2016. She was a little nervous to start her class because she didn’t like water on her face. To make this story short … on the second class she didn’t want to go anymore she was scared and just didn’t want to continue anymore . As I told her it’s fine don’t worry you don’t have to do swimming anymore as we were going to walk out I started talking to Nicole (she’s the manger at night at this facility) she asked me why so I told her she’s having a hard time putting her face In the water and pretty much we’re done. She asked me if I could give Biritish another chance and if she could due a one on one with her to see if she’ll be able to get her on easy. Which I would say it worked 7 months later she loves it and is doing great in her class. I just wanted to thank Nicole for going that extra mile with my kid she’s a great manger and her staff is wonderful. If it wasn’t for her we would’ve basically gave up that night . Once again awesome staff! There great with kids !!!

Erika Cruz

Thanks to Fabulous Instructors!

learning to float

My son is about a year and a half old and has been swimming with BSS in Elmhurst since 4 months old. Our tadpole class was always so fun and adventurous thanks to an enthusiastic Coach Anthony. When we were welcomed into Young Minnow, Coach Nancy quickly won him over and has been an unbelievable coach. I’m amazed that he is now floating on his own and continues to make progress with the basic swimming skills each week with her guidance and encouragement. Thank you!!

Deanna Wrenn

Best Swim Lessons

We signed up our 4 year old because we wanted her to have more confidence in the pool. After a few classes, she was able to jump in pool by herself and flip over onto back and get into the “star” position! Over the summer, she was a little fish in the pool and she liked to do her “star” floating for us in the deep end! Excellent Instructors, very patient with kids. Thank you for teaching our daughter!

Jennifer Smith

There’s Nothing FISHY about this Great School!

My son Angel has been one of Miss Rachael’s students for almost a year. He can be stubborn and strong willed but she knows just how to get him to perform and how to progress. The front office management with Cassie & Sabrina are “A1”, not only by keeping a tight ship, but also taking an interest with each and every client. We genuinely love coming to each and every class and growing along with this great school!

Michelle Garay

British Swim School is the best

British Swim School is the best swimming school to get your child started on the water. Wonderful instructors and small groups were the perfect combination to help my daughter learn from survival strategies to her first strokes in just a couple of lessons. She is a strong swimmer now!

Susanna Medurga

Special Thanks

Thanks to all of his awesome swimming instructors! Special shout out to Mr. Justin and Mr. Limbani, K really enjoys swimming with you guys. Thank you for taking your time with him and treating him like an individual. He recognizes that you respect him and take the time to get to know who he is.

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