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British Swim School’s Anthony Capuano Saves Man from Drowning in Bayonne, NJ

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Swim Instructor Saves New Jersey Man From Sinking Car


On the evening of Tuesday, November 10th, Anthony Capuano, a British Swim School Instructor from New Jersey’s Hudson Waterfront, jumped into the Newark Bay in Bayonne, NJ, to rescue a driver who had lost control of his vehicle and plunged into the water. The driver was trapped in his sinking SUV, and realizing that immediate action was critical, Anthony jumped into action without hesitation. As if this isn’t impressive enough, even a prosthetic leg resulting from an accident over a decade ago didn’t stop his split-second decision to take action.

“I saw people running and we did the same,” Anthony said. “I hopped over the fence and when I got onto the rocks, I took off my leg and I crab walked over the rocks.”

Anthony (or “Mr. Tony,” as he’s affectionately called by his students) quickly swam to the vehicle, pulled the driver from his SUV and assisted him safely to shore where bystanders and paramedics were waiting to help.

Anthony continued on, “I got to him and I told him, he was like ‘I can’t swim,’ and I was like ‘I’m a lifeguard, it’s OK,’ and I was trying to explain to him how to float and I showed him what you’re supposed to do—you put your head back like this.”

Luckily, Anthony’s lifeguard training and certification as a British Swim School instructor gave him the skills he needed to assist the stranded driver. Back floating—a critical water safety and survival skill—provides a low-energy way to stay above water for an extended period of time. This skill further allows individuals to breathe without obstruction or difficulty, yell out for help if they are unable to swim to safety or rest until they’re able to propel themselves to safety.

“The one thing that I would tell people to take away from this is that everyone should learn how to swim.”

We couldn’t agree more, Anthony! Swimming is more than a recreational activity; it’s an essential lifesaving skill!

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Help Anthony Replace His Prosthetic Leg


Fortunately for the victim—who didn’t know how to swim—Anthony’s quick action saved his life. The British Swim School Corporate team was so inspired by Anthony’s act of heroism that we’ve launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to support Anthony and help provide the means for him to get a new prosthetic leg, as his current one is badly in need of a replacement. Every donation helps to reach our goal!

To donate to this worthy cause, CLICK HERE!


About British Swim School


British Swim School is the premier survival and stroke development swim lesson provider, utilizing highly trained swim instructors to teach lessons that focus on safety, fun and skill development. Students include infants (as young as 3 months), toddlers, children, teens and adults, across all ability levels – including children and adults with special abilities. With the core mission of “Survival of the Littlest” we utilize water survival programs that enable individuals to survive a water accident, countering the troubling statistics that drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children under 5 years old, and that 54% of adults don’t have the skills necessary to save themselves if needed.

Started in the basement of founder and prior CEO Rita Goldberg’s Manchester home in 1981, the British Swim School business was brought to the U.S. ten years later and began franchising in 2011.


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