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Customer Service FAQ

We’ve compiled some common customer service-related frequently asked questions for your ease! Please see below for details surrounding the British Swim School mobile app, returning students, cancellation policies and more. For frequently asked questions surrounding our program details, click here.


1. I am unable to reach a live person through the call center.

A: We want to help you as quickly as we can, so please reach out directly to the pool who will be able to assist you further with your request ; you can find your pool direct phone number and email address on your welcome email but also on your mobile app (click the tile “Contact us”) or via our automated chat (click the tile “Contact us”); Alternatively, you can send a push notification with your request by using our mobile app but will go onto a queue with a potential longer time response!

2. I need to transfer my current class or time slot to another available class.

A: Please go to “contact us” on the Mobile app and start a “chat with Us” typing “change class” or “add a class” ; you will be able to create a ticket with our automated system and will be able to reach back to you with a resolution. You can also send us a push notification using the mobile app with all the details for your class transfer.

3. I need to add a class to my account.

A: You can do so by using the BSS mobile app. View all of our available classes in all of our locations through “add a class”. You can enroll in an additional class, if available, or be put on the waitlist if there are no open spots available.

4. I want to know and see the entire class schedule availability.

A: You can do so by using the mobile app or the web portal. It displays all live inventory for all of our classes in all of our locations. If you do not see a specific class at a specific location or time/day, it means that class is not available or does not currently exist for that time slot. The call center does not have access to any additional classes.

5. I want to drop one of my classes.

A: You can go to your mobile app and select “contact us” on the homepage. From there you have a few options: you can select the chat feature and type “ drop class” and you will be directed to an automation to process your request and create a ticket for resolution or you can send us a push notification using our mobile app indicating that you want to drop that specific class for your specific student.

If you need to drop from the program completely, please complete the 30-day cancellation form located in the main menu of the mobile app(“Cancel/Freeze my account” tile). This is the only method of full cancellation.

6. I was previously enrolled in your school and want to come back.

A: You can re-enroll online in the student/family portal HERE or by using the mobile app with your credentials. As you were previously a student in our school in good standing, you still have access to the mobile app with the same credentials as your original enrollment.

You can also reach our automated chat feature by clicking on the “Contact us” tile and select “Chat with us”

You can send a push notification from your mobile app and will contact you for resolution.

7. I want to add a student to my account and enroll the student in a class.

A: You can certainly do so by going to the family portal HERE or on the mobile app by adding a student to your account.

You can also enroll the new student in any class that you see available on the mobile app.

8. If I call, can you see more classes than what I see on the mobile app or the family portal?

A: What you see on the mobile app or the portal have the exact same live inventory that we have on our end. All parties share the same inventory software and all inventory is live and up-to-date.

9. I would like to submit a complaint regarding my pool location or school. What are the steps?


  • If you are currently at the pool, it is best to ask to talk to the manager on duty (CEM = Customer Experience Manager). They can immediately assist you with your request. Additionally, any team member at the pool should also be able to give you their phone number and email so you can follow up with them in case the manager is not present at the time.
  • If you are not at the pool, please go to the mobile app and click on “contact us” ; you will find there the direct contact information for your pool (email and phone number). This is the easiest and fastest way for us to follow up with you as it registers a ticket for the manager to resolve.
  • Another feature is our automated chat feature where you will be directed to create a ticket to the pool manager ; just go to “contact us”, select “chat with us” and type “ i want to contact a manager” which will start your process for a ticket to the manager on duty at your pool.
  • Phoning the call center will not resolve your issue as quickly as an email or push notification.
  • The call center agent will most likely not be able to resolve your complaint on the spot. The agent will take in your complaint and forward it to the manager.

10. I want to speak to a manager.

A: You will need to reach out to the manager on duty (Customer Experience Manager) while you are at the pool. Any team member will be able to assist you to do so. If the CEM is not present at the location at the time, our team will give you their contact information (email and phone number) so you can reach them. They can also take your information so the CEM can reply. The manager at the pool is the best person in the company to respond to your needs and concerns.

Using the “contact us” tile on the mobile app, you can find the direct contact information for your manager at your pool (direct email and phone number) ; you can also select the “Chat with Us” feature which will direct you to the best way to reach your manager at the pool.

11. I received an email or text or push notification that my class is canceled. Are all of my classes canceled?

A: The cancellation email you received is for a specific class on a specific day and time. If your class has to be canceled for more than one specific day and time, it will be specified in the notification.

If you need more information, you can reach out directly to the pool who issued the alert. To do so, go to “contact us” on the mobile app and you will find there the direct contact information for your pool (phone and email)

12. I am calling to see if my class will be canceled this week.

A: If you did not receive a notification that your class is canceled, your class is still scheduled.

13. How do I cancel?


  • Refer to our website that explains our cancellation policy HERE
  • To cancel, a 30-day cancellation notice is required using the mobile app form.
  • You can also click on this FORM to cancel online

14. I don’t understand my billing. What can I do?

A: First, look at your billing statement that you received with your initial enrollment (if just enrolled); or, your last billing statement that you received on the 22nd of the current month.

  • All detailed information regarding your billing is there. If you have a question about it, reply to that email and someone will respond.
  • We send an invoice on the 22nd of each month that reflects your monthly tuition for the upcoming month. It will be charged to your credit card on file on the 25th of that month.
  • If you have enrolled in the middle of the month, you will be billed for the current month that you enrolled first (prorated to the date you started to the end of the current month); and then on the 22nd of the same month you will receive your invoice for the upcoming tuition fee. That amount will be billed to your card on the 25th of this month.
  • If you are dropping from the program, your drop date will be 30 days from the day that you sent us your cancellation notice using the mobile app. If you send us your notification in the middle of the current month, you will be billed prorated tuition for next month according to your drop date. This is 30 days out from the date you sent us your cancellation notice. All unused make-ups will also expire on your drop date from the program.
  • If you are freezing your account because you are taking a vacation or going away, we recommend you tell us as soon as possible so we can put your drop date into the system.
  • If you send us a freeze notice, we will drop the student at the end of the billed month. So, if you send us a notice to freeze between the 22nd and the last day of the month (after upcoming tuition has been billed), your earliest drop date will be the last class of the upcoming month (paid month tuition).

15. How do I freeze my account?


  • Refer to our website that explains our freeze policy HERE
  • To freeze your account, complete the online form using the mobile app (same form as cancellation – just use the drop down “freeze account” as the reason).
  • Indicate your date of departure and date of return so that we can schedule the proper drop date.
  • You can also click on this form to freeze your account online.

16. I want to know more about your two-class guarantee.

A: RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! We do not offer trial classes. We know from our 40+ years of experience that you cannot judge the quality of a swim program by just one lesson. Our Risk-Free Guarantee: If you enroll, take two consecutive classes and are not satisfied, we will refund you all tuition fees that you pre-paid, including the fees for the two lessons you have already taken. Please note: You have to take two lessons in the water to qualify. We do not provide refunds if you leave after just one class, as we want your child to get a chance to get acclimated. Acclimation rarely happens in just one class.

17. I scheduled a make-up lesson and want to remove it.

A: If you are at the pool, any team member can help you with this task. It cannot be done using the mobile app or the family portal.

You can also call the pool to assist you; to do so, go to “contact us” on the mobile app homepage and you will find the direct contact information for your pool (phone and email address) or send us a push notification from the mobile app (slowest resolution time) and we will take care of it!

18. What are make-ups?


  • When you miss a class (whether you could not make it but notified us in advance using the mobile app feature “manage my absence” or we canceled it), you receive a make-up class that allows you to reschedule.
  • It is free to reschedule your class. The make-up stays in your account until you reschedule, and does not expire as long as you do not drop from the program following a 30 day cancellation notice..
  • Make-up classes are nonrefundable and have no monetary value. They cannot be substituted for a regularly-scheduled class and can only be booked if you are currently enrolled in a scheduled class at our school.
  • If you notify us with a 30 day cancellation notice, all remaining unused make-ups will expire on your drop date from the program and cannot be reinstated in the future.

19. I do not see availability to schedule a make-up class.

A: Please note that the availability you see using the mobile app or the family portal is the complete live availability we have for our classes. If you look for that class level in the inventory of all our locations, you should see more availability. Choosing only one pool location in your search drastically reduces the availability for the specific date that you are looking for. Availability for make-up classes is not guaranteed as it is pending availability at the time of booking. Make-ups cannot be scheduled for the same day or outside a 7 days window.

20. I want to schedule a make-up class for both of my children taking the same class.

A: Currently the mobile app or the family portal does not allow you to see more than one spot open in a specific class. You will need to ask a team member at the pool to schedule your make-up for both siblings. You can also contact the pool for assistance (You will find the direct contact information of your pool on the mobile app under “contact us” on the homepage. You can also send a push notification for someone to reach back to schedule your make-up. This particular case cannot be addressed online.

21. Private lessons.

A: We currently do not offer private or semi private classes. Keep in mind that our group classes are small and 2 or 3 group classes a week is more effective in retention and cost versus 1 private class a week.

22. I tried to schedule a make-up class, but the system says I cannot schedule because it is the wrong level.

A: If the student has recently graduated, we, on our end, need to update your account to create your pending make-up class. It may take up to two business days for your account to be updated after our office receives a graduation notice from the pool.

Also, make-up classes can only be updated to the current class level if the student has enrolled in his/her new class level.

If you do not see your make-ups classes updated after 2 business classes of graduation, please ask the pool for assistance or send us a push notification via the mobile app for quick resolution.

23. My kid is sick and the doctor recommended that they don’t go in the water for a few weeks. What can I do?

A: Please provide a doctor’s note and we will issue a credit for the classes missed because of sickness or injury. This is the same process for cases where you need to quarantine for two weeks due to Covid-19. If you only miss one class, you will get a make-up for the class that you are missing as long as you notify us electronically in advance using the “manage my absence” on the mobile app, as part of standard procedure.

24. How do I download and use the British Swim School app?

A: You can download it using these links: AppStore & Google Play

Also, please check out this quick tutorial on how to use our app:

25. I cannot log into my account anymore (portal or mobile app).

A: Reset your password using the mobile app by entering your email address on file with us for your account (your email address is your login) and click “Forgot password”. The system will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

26. I am logged into the mobile app but cannot see my updated information/I cannot log in and I know that my login information is correct.

A: Over time, an app on your phone collects data and user habits and stores it in your phone memory. You may need to clean your cache on your phone to clear up space and allow your app to function properly. To do so, go to your Phone Settings–>>Apps –>> British Swim School app and then clear cache. Our staff at the pool can assist you with that.

27. I do not see other British Swim School locations on the mobile app, just the one where I am taking classes.

A: To see other pool locations on your app, you need to add them to your login.

To do so, go to the left menu on your app, scroll down to find the tab called “Change Locations”, and add all of the locations where you want to see class availability on the app.

28. I want to purchase an item I saw you use at the pool.

A: You can purchase our branded items following this link Your new item will be delivered right to you at the pool!