Jersey City, NJ

British Swim School and Hudson Partnership CMO team up to fight the staggering drowning statistics amongst children with special abilities

Jersey City, NJ (06/25/19) – In June 2019, British Swim School became an official provider within the Hudson Partnership Care Management Organization, the first to teach water-survival to children in their care.

This is the first time Hudson Partnership CMO will be able to offer water safety as part of their comprehensive care program.

Robert Stapf, local franchise owner of British Swim School, explains the importance of swim lessons for children with special abilities:

“In 2009, 2010, and 2011, accidental drowning accounted for 91% total U.S. deaths reported in children with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) ages 14 and younger subsequent to wandering/elopement.

The chance of dying from drowning is 160 times higher compared to other children. These statistics are staggering, somebody needs to do something about it! Our signature water-safety lessons are here to help! Our mission at British Swim School is to ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer – and with Hudson Partnership CMO we have found a partner with a network to support this mission!

We are very excited and expect a lot of results from this partnership. The extremely structured and goal-oriented approach of the British Swim School teaching method, combined with our brand-new program for students with special abilities, is very well suited to the children in Hudson Partnership CMO’s network. We can provide both water-safety lessons plus the educational benefits from the structured environment we provide”.

About British Swim School

For over 35 years, British Swim School has been dedicated to teaching water survival skills to children as young as three months old. Former British national swimmer Rita Goldberg founded British Swim School in 1981 and developed the unique and highly effective teaching methods that are a recognized trademark of the brand. British Swim School’s mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer. British Swim School operates six swim schools in Hudson County.

About Hudson Partnership CMO

Hudson Partnership CMO is a non-profit agency that works with Hudson County youth ages 3-21 who may have various needs, from mental health issues, behavioral challenges and substance use to juvenile justice involvement and developmental disabilities. Hudson Partnership CMO currently work with nearly 800 families. Their mission is to help families identify their strengths and build upon them so the youth can thrive in their community.