Water Safety and Survival Franchise Pays Tribute to Instructors with Kids’ Choice Award Initiative

Throughout the month of July, British Swim School, an international swim school franchise that provides water safety and survival skills to children as young as three months old, will be honoring nearly 150 certified swim instructors for their dedication to saving the littlest of lives through its inaugural Kids’ Choice Awards.

With an official launch date of July 5, parents and their enrolled children from across British Swim School’s 90 locations will be able to nominate their favorite swim instructor by providing a personal testimonial explaining why they deserve to be recognized as an Instructor of the Year. Nominations will be collected on July 26, where executives from the swim program will narrow down the submissions to a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner, just in time for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Interested participants can submit their entry by downloading the British Swim School mobile application, or using nomination forms located at participating pools.
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“The heart and soul of our business lies in the hands of these extremely talented swim instructors who are impacting the wellbeing of children every single day in and around the water,” said Rita Goldberg, Founder of British Swim School. “Our instructors form trusting bonds with thousands of children and are able to instill confidence and independence in these little humans and teach them that they do not have to be fearful of the water. I am forever grateful for the hard work of these individuals because it takes an incredible amount of responsibility teach a child water safety and survival skills. They are more than instructors, they’re heroes in my book.”

Further validating the life changing work accomplished by a certified swim instructor is a study released by Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine which identified that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children ages one to four. Conducting an average of nearly 500,000 swimming lessons each year, British Swim School’s instructors reach almost 10,000 students per week.

Dedicated to answering the demand from parents seeking water survival skills for their kids, British Swim School recently launched a “Water Watchers” program that helps instill responsibility around water. When a parent is holding a Water Watchers Card, it is their chief responsibility to be watching activity in the water. Furthermore, British Swim School is encouraging parents and their children to take its Safe Swimmer Pledge. To date, there are over 8,500 completed pledges.

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British Swim School is the first and largest concept of its kind to have created a unique water safety program with teaching methods that serve as a trademark for the brand alone. The company operates lessons out of multiple national fitness chains and hotel pools year round and, based on the premise that children progress at different rates, does not run on “set courses.” Each child, regardless of age, is placed in their correct skill level and will have certain achievable objectives. The child will be graduated from that level and moved onto the next without a waiting period, as found in a course driven program.

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