Water Safety

Survival of the Littlest

No matter how confident you are with your child around water, always pay attention and stay with them at all times. Do not check your phone, send a text or leave to answer the door. If you have to leave the area, take your child with you. One second alone in the tub or pool is a second too many for your child. Remember drowning is silent and can happen very quickly.


Safe Swimmer Pledge

To be a safe swimmer, I pledge:

  • To never swim alone
  • To never play or swim near drains or suction fittings
  • To always dive feet first
  • To always obey the pool rules

We are committed to Water Safety. Are you? Take the pledge today.

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Safety Tip #1

Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.

Safety Tip #2

Always swim with a buddy.

Safety Tip #3

If you go boating, wear a life jacket!

Safety Tip #4

Install and use barriers around your home pool or hot tub.

Safety Tip #5

Actively supervise children whenever around the water.

Safety Tip #6

Always stay within arm's reach of young children and avoid distractions

Safety Tip #7

Reach or throw aid to distressed swimmers — don't leave them!

Safety Tip #8

Keep toys not in use away from the pool and out of sight.

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