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35 Years of Experience Teaching Children to Swim
Safe, Caring, FUN Environment!

Want your child to learn how to swim in a warm, safe, fun environment – with highly-trained professional instructors?

At British Swim School, we’ve been trusted by families for over 35 years, thanks to our…

  • Individualistic approach – we get to know our students and families on a personal level, enjoying relationships that can last for years.
  • Small Classes – we keep our classes small, so that your child gets the individual attention that he or she needs and deserves.
  • Highly-Trained, Child-Friendly Instructors – we don’t just select our instructors based on their skills and professional experience. We also look for character and a caring, fun personality, so that learning is not just safe, but fun, for your child.
  • Welcoming, Family Culture – This isn’t a drop and go service. We welcome parents and siblings who want to support and observe their children as they learn.
  • Year round indoor warm water pools.
  • Ongoing Enrollment – you don’t have to wait for the school term to start before you enroll. We welcome children and families at any time! It’s another benefit of our small class sizes. You don’t have to ‘slot in’ with an existing class. We start new classes with other children at the same level.
  • All Ages – All-Inclusive – we teach babies from as young as 3 months old, right up to adults. We’re also trained to teach children and adults with special needs. Everyone deserves to have fun in the water, learn how to swim, and learn survival techniques that will serve them their entire life.
  • Established, Recognized, Trusted – We operate in 20 states. Visit us today and discover why we’ve been trusted by families for over 35 years!

Call us today or click Find A Class to register online at one of our 3 Seattle Area locations:

Burien at the Highline Athletic Club
Bothell at Avana 522 Apartment Recreation Center
Kent at LA Fitness

Call or email today at 425-318-7290 or [email protected]

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My daughter’s confidence has grown more than I’ve ever heard from anyone else doing other swim lessons through gold fish or the ymca or anywhere. Love these classes!

The foundation and stroke technique that BSS was able to provide Andrew has been beyond our expectations as parents. At just 5 years old, he was the talk of the summer swim team. We look forward to continued success in your program and are looking forward to the next step of Barracuda!

Best swim company I’ve ever worked with. My timid unconfident swimmers blossomed into confident and brave fish under the instruction of kind, patient and attentive staff. Can’t speak highly enough!

We were planning a trip to Orlando this year, so we signed [our daughters] up with the British Swim School in early June so they would feel more confident in the water. They have progressed so much in less than 6 months. These two were unstoppable and swam 2-3 hours almost every day for 8 days. Thank you for having such a great team of instructors. Last year, they were terrified of the water. This year, they were swimming like pros! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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The Necessity, Not Luxury of Learning How to Swim

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