Infant/Toddler Swim Lessons in Hamilton County

Infant/Toddler Swim Lessons in Carmel and Fishers are Designed Around Safety


When you enroll your toddler or infant in swim lessons at one of our four Hamilton County  locations, you can take comfort knowing their safety is our number one priority. Watch and be amazed as your little one takes to the water and learns to love the experience. If you are worried about them being too young, don’t. Children react instinctively to the water from an early age. 

British Swim School’s Infant and toddler swim lessons are some of the most popular in Indiana. We work on getting your little guy or girl used to the water so that they already have a head start when they become old enough to start swimming independently. Our students love us and our families love that their children are getting life-saving water survival skills taught in fun, gentle ways from highly-trained instructors who genuinely care about each of their students.

Early Water Confidence is Crucial to a Lifetime of Swimming


Far too many people think children have to be four and older to get anything out of swimming classes. We can’t stress enough that this is not the case. It is our goal and mission for parents to see their infants and toddlers thrive in the water. Our infant and toddler swimming classes throughout the Indianapolis area give your little one: 

  • A controlled, parent-led intro to swimming
  • Added comfort and confidence when floating and moving in the water
  • A head-start on water competence
  • A terrific way to develop that special parent-child bond and trust

We offer swimming classes to infants/toddler between the ages of three and 36 months old. These classes are parent-assisted and can be registered for as either group or private lessons. Our instructors have years of combined experience working with infants and toddlers and know how to teach parents and children simultaneously. 

We were born to love the water, and even the youngest children seem perfectly at home floating and splashing around. If you are considering infant/toddler swimming lessons in Indianapolis, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with us at (317-863-0300) or email us at and find out more about the company that has been providing infant and toddler swim classes to the families in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, Westfield, and Indianapolis for years.