Children’s Swimming Lessons in Dupage-Kane Counties

Why It Makes Sense To Think About Children's Swimming Lessons In The Greater Chicago Area


When you enroll your kids in children’s swimming lessons, you are giving them everything they need for a lifetime of fun in the water. We have four locations, so working swimming lessons into your busy schedule is easier than you think.

It is a regrettable fact of life, but many children are not fortunate enough to have swimming and water training early on. This lack of confidence in the water can be both a hindrance and a real safety hazard. When you give your children the chance to learn about and explore the water in a safe environment, you are giving them: 

  • Knowledge that could save their lives
  • Familiarity with the water
  • A way to avoid fear of the water
  • An understanding of how to move and control oneself in the water 
  • A chance to develop a passion and get some exercise
  • Knowledge of how to get in and out of the water safely
  • Independence and confidence in and around the water

Our children’s swimming lessons in the western suburbs of Chicago are broken down into age and experience levels. These include: “Starfish,” “Minnow,” “Turtle 1,” Turtle 2,” “Shark 1,” and “Shark 2.” The levels build upon each other, with entry into the next level dependent on mastery of the previous level's skills and competencies.

In addition to our children’s group swimming classes in Dupage-Kane, we also offer private options for personalized, one-on-one instruction. Our certified, patient and fun instructors will help your child learn and acclimate to the water in the ways that work best for them.  

Changing Lives Through Water Safety


While your average person looks somewhat out of place in the water, we were made to enjoy it. Babies understand, instinctively, how to hold their breath when submerged. While we are consummate land-dwellers, people, especially children, are naturally attracted to, though also often afraid of the water. 

As one of the country’s most well-respected providers of children’s swim classes, we have helped thousands of children learn to love and feel comfortable in the water. Anyone who had the benefit of swimming lessons and instruction at an early age knows what a confidence booster and incredible privilege it is. 

Call or Text British Swim School today at (630) 333-9382 or send an email to and find out more about what we offer. Give your little one the gift of water safety and new found confidence by enrolling them in our children’s swimming lessons at one of our four Dupage-Kane locations.