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Every May, the need for ongoing water safety education is highlighted during Water Safety Month. At British Swim School, every month is water safety month because unfortunately, drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional death in the United States. The need for education in and around water is paramount.

While swim skills are a part of this education, teaching survival skills is one of the factors which separates us from other swim schools. As our Founder Rita Goldberg says, “We focus on survival skills before anything else because, in the end, that’s what truly counts.”

British Swim School uses gentle and fun teaching methods for our infant teaching program and encourages parents to be confident around the water. Confidence comes with knowledge and increases the chances of survival for everyone.

However, accidents do happen so here are a few drowning prevention tips:

  • Adult Supervision– Always have someone watching your children near any body of water. Ensure that they maintain visual contact with the children the entire time as responsibility is vital around the water.
  • Don’t rely on toys– Floatation devices are not a substitute for supervising your children.
  • Be ready for anything– Ensure that there is rescue equipment nearby because accidents can happen in seconds and every second matters when saving a life. Learning CPR or updating your skills is always a great idea!
  • Learn young– The earlier your child learns water survival and safety skills, the earlier they will be able to survive an accident in the water. With our proven teaching methods, even babies can learn to flip onto their back!
  • Safeguard your pool– Ensure that there is no way that someone can climb into your fenced-in pool area.

Want to be a safe swimmer? Take the pledge and practice safe swimming!

British Swim School’s unique water safety program uses teaching methods that are the trademark of our company. Our instructors are dedicated to teaching water safety techniques in a gentle, fun, but most importantly, highly successful approach. We do not run our lessons according to set courses, but rather to match our students’ abilities and comfort level.

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