When COVID-19 began its spread throughout the United States early this year, many businesses took a pause to re-evaluate how best to adapt and succeed through these difficult and unpredictable times. Although the coronavirus interrupted in-person swim instruction at each of our locations across the US and Canada, British Swim School saw this pause as an opportunity to strengthen our foundation through several strategic, new partnerships while creating a plan of action to safely bring students back to our pools.

The three organizations that British Swim School has partnered with –  Hope Floats Foundation, the United States Swim School Association, and Stop Drowning Now – all share a universal mission: to protect every life from drowning through swim education and water safety awareness. Through collaboration, we aim to significantly reduce the number of drowning incidents in North America and around the world. 


Hope Floats Foundation

British Swim School feels strongly that water safety is a right, not a privilege. But tragically, according to the World Health Organization, lower income status is associated with a higher risk of drowning due to lack of swim instruction and water safety resources. 

That’s where the Hope Floats Foundation comes in. As a non-profit committed to spreading water safety awareness and education to children who otherwise would not have access to swim instruction, Hope Floats partners with individuals, businesses, and high-quality swim schools to raise money to go toward scholarships and tuition assistance for families in need. 

Our partnership with the Hope Floats Foundation allows British Swim School to see our mission come full circle within our community. Hope Floats reviews every scholarship application to ensure needs are appropriately met, as all children deserve to be empowered with the water safety education and swim skills they need to save their own lives. Through our partnership with Hope Floats Foundation, we can help bring this empowerment to life for our community members and beyond. 


United States Swim School Association (USSSA)

While we’re proud of having almost 40 years of learn-to-swim industry experience, we recognize that collaboration with other swim schools and industry members makes us a stronger organization, especially during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 

The USSSA is a non-profit founded in 1988 that allows swim education businesses and industry experts to provide learning opportunities and raise awareness of drowning prevention and importance of swim lessons. From panel discussions on how to teach students with special abilities, to navigating swim instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, the association is prepared to educate its members on anything that comes up in the industry. 

Because the spread of COVID-19 has continued into the warmest months of the year, swim lessons are crucial yet limited due to current health and safety restrictions. However, the USSSA provided several resources and a concrete action plan to assist swim schools with safely returning to swim instruction during the pandemic. 

Through our partnership with USSSA, British Swim School is standing alongside other swims schools to make it clear that water safety education and cutting-edge swim instruction should not be disrupted as we approach this uncharted swim season.  


Stop Drowning Now

As part of our efforts in spreading water safety awareness, British Swim School’s aquatics leaders and owners frequently travel to local preschools, daycares and to community meetings to educate children and families about drowning prevention and swim safety. Our partnership with Stop Drowning Now has added another layer to our already water safety curriculum, expanding our reach and presenting opportunities that didn’t previously exist. 

As an organization dedicated to saving lives through drowning prevention and teaching water safety, Stop Drowning Now and its members believe their year-round educational campaign is necessary in achieving their goals of spreading drowning risk awareness, educating the public about water safety, and developing risk-reduction resources. 

British Swim School’s partnership with Stop Drowning Now has given us access to additional educational materials that we can share with our BSS families and local community, such as water safety checklists, presentations, and activity books. We’re excited to put these into action and continue our work with our local communities!


What Our Partnerships Mean to Us

British Swim School is committed to emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever, and these new partnerships are just one of many steps that we’re taking to get there. We have taken this time to understand the growing needs of our communities, adapt to new protocols and regulations, and enhance our water safety education curriculum. To learn more about our new partners, visit their websites and get involved.

Our Trusted Partners

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