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Water Safety

Survival of the Littlest

At the core of our program – and the reason we do what we do – is our mission of ensuring that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer. At British Swim School of Manhattan, we do this through our fun and gentle teaching methods, the conversations we have with our students and parents about water safety and the partnerships we’ve created that keep us at the top of the game.

One of the most unique pieces of our curriculum is Survival Week, where we encourage students to come to lessons in their clothes.

Why teach kids to swim in their clothes?

In a word: safety. As we teach students water survival techniques, one important lesson is learning to navigate the water while fully clothed. After all, anyone who accidentally falls into a pool may not be dressed for it. Understanding the weight of their clothes underwater and how their body moves in them, brings a whole new level of appreciation and skill.
Take the Safe Swimmer Pledge today!

Whether you’re a current student of our program or not, it’s critical for both children and adults to understand the rules of becoming a safe swimmer. We encourage you to take the pledge below and read further for some additional water safety tips from our team.

Safe Swimmer Pledge

To be a safe swimmer, I pledge:

• To never swim alone
• To never play or swim near drains or suction fittings
• To always dive feet first
• To always obey the pool rules

  • Safety Tip #1

    Always swim with a buddy.

  • Safety Tip #2

    Actively supervise children whenever around the water.

  • Safety Tip #3

    Swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards.

  • Safety Tip #4

    Reach or throw aid to distressed swimmers - don’t go!

  • Safety Tip #5

    Learn how to identify a distressed swimmer and the basics of CPR.

  • Safety Tip #6

    When struggling in the water, rest your muscles by floating on your back.

  • Safety Tip #7

    Keep toys not in use away from the pool and out of sight.

  • Safety Tip #8

    Have inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket.

  • Safety Tip #9

    Install and use barriers around your home pool or hot tub.

  • Safety Tip #10

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