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Swimming Classes in Jersey City: 6 Lessons Your Child Will Learn 

When you think of swim lessons, your mind might automatically go to learning the freestyle or breaststroke. But swimming classes involve so much more than stroke technique, especially for younger children. For instance, in swimming classes at our Jersey City, Bayonne and Secaucus, NJ locations, we break a wide variety of skills into small, achievable steps that are built on over time. All of our classes are also infused with a focus on water safety and survival.

Over time, some of the lessons your child will learn include:

  • Relaxation. The first step in learning to swim is getting your child to relax in the water. Some kids take to it naturally, while others are more resistant. But with our gentle and fun approach, combined with patient and experienced instructors, we can help even the most fearful child relax and start enjoying the water.
  • Submersion. It might take a while for your child to go underwater, or it could be something they’re ready for right away. In any case, we will teach them proper breathing techniques so they can go safely underwater and swim.
  • Floating. The importance of being able to back float in the water cannot be overstated. If your child is ever out in the open water and gets tired swimming, it will give them an opportunity to take a break and calm down. Also, back floating keeps their face out of the water, so they can easily yell for help.
  • Dealing with emergencies. Accidents can happen, even with the most careful supervision. And it’s important for every child to know how to respond to them. That’s why we teach vital and life-saving techniques for dealing with situations, such as falling into the water.
  • Safe behavior. Everyone needs to have a healthy respect for the water. Without it, injuries and even tragedies can happen. That’s why, during swimming classes in our Jersey City, Secaucus and Bayonne locations, we always teach kids proper behaviors to exhibit in and around the pool. This not only ensures they stay safe, but that those around them do, too.
  • Independent glides and strokes. As your child develops and grows as a swimmer, they will begin to learn independent glides and then stroke technique, all while continuing with proper breathing and water safety.

Enrolling in Our Jersey City Swimming Classes is Easy

At British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, our year-round swimming classes are available for kids of all ages, across Jersey City, NJ, as well as the surrounding communities, like Hoboken, Weehawken, Bayonne, and Secaucus. We have experienced instructors who always take a gentle approach to teaching swim, along with engaging and fun-filled classes. At British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, your little one can take the plunge into swimming – and love every minute of it!

Call 201-676-3630 today to learn more about our swimming classes for kids in and around the Jersey City area.

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