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Welcome to British Swim School of Chattanooga

Everyone deserves to have fun in the water, learn how to swim, and learn survival techniques that will serve them their entire life.


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Survival-First swimming lessons in Chattanooga: Trusted by Parents Since 1981

At British Swim School, we set ourselves apart from other swim schools by offering a distinctive take on survival swimming lessons. Using gentle instruction and revolutionary teaching techniques, our goal is to ensure that EVERY student can save themselves in the event of an accidental fall into water. Our curriculum-based program begins with the foundation of water survival first, followed by learn-to-swim programs. And while our students recognize that swimming is a lifelong, lifesaving skill, we also make learning exciting through a structured program of songs, games and fun!

Our curriculum-based program has three levels:

  • Water Acclimation – for those being introduced to the water for the very first time.
  • Water Survival – for inexperienced swimmers to build a foundation of water safety before being introduced to more advanced techniques.
  • Stroke Development – for experienced swimmers to learn and master the common swim strokes.

A strong baseline of water survival skills builds the foundation for safety! To learn more about our class levels, click here.

Why is British Swim School Different?

A message from Rita Goldberg, the founder of British Swim School:

    • Award-winning program– We have ​over 40 years of experience​ and are the pioneers of the two-step curriculum that teaches water safety survival skills first, and swimming skill development second because that is the safest, most effective way. ​ Our gentle, fun, safe, and child-friendly​curriculum has successfully taught water safety, survival, and swimming to thousands of families nationwide.
    • Individualistic approach– We get to know our students and families on a personal level, enjoying relationships that can last for years.
    • Highly-Trained, Child-Friendly Instructors– We don’t just select our Instructors based on their skills and professional experience. We also look for character and a caring, fun personality. Our instructors are lifeguard and CPR certified, but we go well beyond! British Swim School of Chattanooga requires our instructors to undergo extensive online and in-water training that enables them to deliver the very best water survival and stroke development programs.
    • Year-Round, Ongoing Enrollment– You don’t have to wait for the school term to start before you enroll. We welcome children and families at any time! No need to wait for the next session to start or lose progress by starting over!
    • Small Classes– We keep our classes small so that your child gets the individual attention that he or she needs and deserves.
    • All Ages – All-Inclusive– We teach babies from as young as 3 months old, right up to adults. We’re also trained to teach children and adults with special needs.
    • Water Safety Public Relations – We strive to promote water safety awareness, water survival tips, and drowning prevention through our public relations effort with Chattanooga local news channels such as Channel 3 , Channel 9, and Channel 12.

Swim Lessons Improve Water Safety Skills

  • Here’s the problem. Tragically, an equivalent of 13 school busses full of children die from drowning each year in the U.S. alone, and over half of these incidents occur while a parent is less than 25 yards away. The unfortunate reality is that drowning happens to the best parents and can be fast and silent, occurring without a struggle or splash. Water is everywhere, and it only takes a few moments for a child to drown.
  • Luckily, there is a solution! British Swim School’s award-winning swim lessons are specially designed to teach any child (or adult!) how to survive an accidental falling into the water, regardless of age (starting at 3 months!) or previous ability.

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What Makes Our Swim School Unique?

Survival Skills Focus: Every student will learn survival skills, especially how to float, before we start stroke development, so he or she is prepared to survive an accidental fall into water. Water survival is different from swimming, and knowing how to survive means less worry for you as a parent.

Goal-Orientated Curriculum: Students are given 5 clearly defined goals to achieve for each skill level, in order to graduate. By monitoring these goals, the instructors know exactly what skill to work on at any given time. Constantly achieving new goals keeps students motivated and leads to faster progress.

Individualized Learning: Our students graduate and advance individually and at their own pace, so no student will be held back by the rest of the group. Individualized learning shows faster results.

Small Groups: For the same reason, survival classes have a 4:1 ratio at max, so the instructor can spend more one-on-one time with each student and personalize the instructions.

No Floaties: Our Students learn without floaties, because they give a false sense of safety and do not prepare children for real-life emergencies. By doing so, your child will be better prepared for an accidental fall into water and won’t panic because he or she is missing floaties.

Floating in Street Clothes: We even teach our students to float in their street clothes during our signature Survival Week multiple times per year, because real-life accidents happen fully clothed. This mean your child will know how to float or swim with the extra drag of wet clothing. No other swim school prepares your child that thoroughly.

Awesome Instructors: British Swim School instructors are amazingly friendly and highly trained in how to teach children. They know how to gently interact with them and make learning fun, so your loved one will enjoy classes and even look forward to the next lesson.

Ongoing Classes: Our lessons are held year-round ongoing in heated indoor pools – and not in sessions, because consistency is key in learning a new skill. No student ever needs to stop learning because the session or the season is over, thus losing progress. This also means that you can start any time and don’t have to wait for a new session to begin.

Why Choose British Swim School?
  • We have a wealth of experience because we have been doing this for a long time. Our unique method was developed over 40 years ago by a former Olympic swimmer for England (thus the name British Swim School…) and we have taught hundreds of thousands of students nationwide how to be safe in the water.
  • We have learned a lot along the way and have constantly refined and improved our teaching method, to the point where we can proudly say that we consider ourselves the best in the world at what we do.
  • Today, our award-winning curriculum is taught by hundreds of British Swim Schools across the U.S. and Canada. We teach over 17,000 lessons per week!
Why is it smart to take lessons in our heated indoor pools during the winter?

1️⃣ Be water-safe at the start of next summer – and have one less thing to worry about!
2️⃣ More availability of popular peak time slots like weekend mornings and 5-6pm
3️⃣ Less crowding, as our classes are less full now
4️⃣ Swimming is a highly effective way to strengthen the immune system during fall and winter
5️⃣ Swimming is a perfect full-body exercise to maintain weight

Parent Testimonials

British Swim School in the news!

We are renown for our water safety expertise and our team members are frequently consulted by major news stations around the nation. Here are some examples!

How Much Do Swim Lessons Cost?

We charge a monthly flat fee. Each pool location has a different rate, to find out please click on your desired pool below.

When you sign up for our program, you will enroll into a 30-minute class that meets every week at the same time. We recommend 2 classes per week for the fastest results and the best value. We do not have sessions. Once registered, you will stay enrolled until you give us 30-day written notice via our British Swim School app.

READY TO ENROLL? Find Step-By-Step Enrollment Instructions!

1. Find your location on the map below. Click “Choose this Location” to review the pricing and pool details.

2. Click “Take the Quiz” and answer the assessment questions to find your appropriate skill level

3. View available time slots at your desired location, then simply select the desired class and begin the online registration process. Don’t forget that we recommend two classes per week for the best results.

Prefer to talk to someone local instead to guide you through? No problem, our friendly experts are happy help! Call them at (423) 770-8886. Our lines are open Mondays through Fridays 9am to 5pm and on Sundays from 8am to 12pm.

Make sure to enroll today, because your desired time slot might be gone tomorrow if you don’t. Space is limited due to our small class sizes (only 4 slots per class) and classes fill up quickly. Don’t get waitlisted.

All set? Then join the thousands of happy parents in the region and start your water survival journey with British Swim School!


Did you know that our program is very suited for students with special needs? Call us to learn more.


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