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Know the facts about Bath Safety!

Did You Know?

British Swim School Instructor teaching a young female student

Formal swim lessons between ages 1 and 4 help reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. Being water acclimated and knowing how to turn and float can help children to respond to moments of emergency.

Woman practicing CPR techniques on a dummy

Caregivers should know how to swim and know CPR. This is just something everyone should know!

Child-proof lock on cabinet door

Install self-closing gates and child proof locks in water containing areas. Make it impossible for those little ones to endanger themselves.

Swim Instructor teaching child swimming lessons

Supervision without distraction is one of the keys to help prevent drowning. Assign an adult “ON GUARD” when around or near water.

Four-sided isolation fence around a backyard pool

Complete four-sided isolation fencing could prevent 50-90% of child related drowning events. Many issues of children drowning are related to moments when they wander off. Know that water is a MAGNET for children.

Image of a life jacket

Wear a life jacket around open water, even if you know how to swim. Here is the thing, Water will always out last your own energy. Its best to be safe and be able to float in case you run out of energy.


  • Teach small children to always ask for permission before getting into or out of the tub.
  • Be aware of distractions that could take you away from the bath.
  • Never rely on an older child to supervise a younger one during bath time.
  • Use a non-slip mat to help prevent falls.
  • Ensure the mat is secured properly to avoid tripping.
  • Keep all electrical appliances away from the bathtub.
  • Know that a child can drown in less than one inch of water. (Center for Disease Control)
  • Install a grab bar in your bathtub. Anyone can slip and fall regardless of age.


In the last few days we have received many emails from people in the Weehawken, Union City, West New York, and Guttenberg are wanting to sign-up for our baby swim classes. They know that summer is only 10 weeks away; and that babies are drawn to water and quickly discover the fun of splashing it. This summer, they want to have a great time by the local pools (we are looking at you Union City Swimming Pool & Rec) or beach with their little ones!

If you too want to keep your new baby safe, protect against potential water hazards; our Lincoln Harbor Wednesday morning classes are exactly what you are looking for.

Weehawken Lincoln Harbor

Our school is located inside the Riva Pointe Condominiums at Lincoln Harbor Complex in Weehawken, next to the new Whole Foods. The pool is heated at over 86 degrees year-round. Please follow our signs to the pool entrance on the right side of the building.

This is the only location that also offers WEEKDAY MORNING Parent & Me classes for under 3-year old, perfect for stay-at-home parents.

Looking to add some fun and very rewarding activity? Come see us at our pool on Wednesdays between 9:00am to 12:30pm.

Weekawken Lincoln Harbor

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