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Adult Swimming Classes in Mississauga: Getting Ready

Are you thinking about enrolling in adult swimming classes in Mississauga? At British Swim School Greater Toronto, we offer swimming classes and water safety for all ages and abilities in Mississauga, Meadowvale, Brampton, and throughout the surrounding communities. Whether you are interested in learning water safety and survival, how to swim, or want to improve your swimming skills, our classes provide the personalized instruction you need to reach your goals.

5 Things to Bring to Your First Adult Swimming Class in Mississauga

At British Swim School Greater Toronto, we’ve found that many adults interested in swimming classes haven’t been in a pool in years, and aren’t sure what they need. To prepare for your first adult swimming class in Mississauga, we recommend the following gear:

  • Goggles – While not required, goggles are highly recommended. They will help protect your eyes from chlorinated water, and make it more comfortable when you submerge your face in the water, leading to a better technique.
  • Swim cap – If you have long hair or dry hair, bring a swim cap. It will keep long hair out of the way, and offer some protection from chlorine. As an added bonus, a swim cap can reduce drag by creating a more streamlined silhouette in the water.
  • Towel – It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to pack a towel. If you prefer more coverage after your swimming class, robes and cover-ups are also a popular choice. Sporting goods stores in Mississauga carry lightweight “aquatic” cover-ups that are perfect to use after your adult swimming classes and aren’t as bulky as standard robes.
  • Swimwear (that’s comfortable) – If your swimsuit or trunks need adjustment after every movement, you’ll be distracted.  Choose swimwear that’s snug, but comfortable, and won’t take your attention away from your swimming class.
  • Bag – Choose a bag with a waterproof compartment that’s big enough to hold all your essentials. A large Ziploc bag can also store wet gear nicely.

Learn More About Our Adult Swimming Classes in Mississauga

At British Swim School Greater Toronto, our adult swimming classes are taught by experienced instructors in a small group setting for one-on-one attention. Classes are held in heated indoor pools conveniently located throughout the Mississauga area. These indoor locations provide a cozy atmosphere that keeps our students and instructors warm and comfortable and allows our program to run year round, even in inclement weather.

Call British Swim School Greater Toronto today at (289) 569-1444 to enroll or learn more about our program. Our adult swimming classes are available in Mississauga, Meadowvale, Brampton, Churchville, Lakeview, and throughout the Greater Toronto area.

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