Skokie, IL
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Swim Team Members Are Making Great Strides!

Since our grand opening of our Skokie location in October 2013, we have been working towards this moment. Our students have been training and practicing very diligently. We held time trials and it proved that our kids have really been making strides at becoming world class athletes in the water!
We have chosen 10 kids with the best and most impressive times and techniques! Congratulations to Thomas H, Calvin H, AJ L, Jade L, Sophia W, Ibrahim S, Sobia S, Talia J, Zyon L, and Amelia M! You all did so well and our head coaches look forward to working with you all! A big congratulations on the progress you have made and making the team!
If you are interested in your children becoming members of a fun and exciting opportunity like our Barracuda Swim Team. Call to enroll today!

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