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Young kids need to learn water safety and swim survival skills, period.

British Swim School is bringing their parent trusted and kid loved water safety-first swim lessons to Franklin, TN.


Drowning is the leading cause of death among children ages 1 – 10. British Swim School’s mission is to help prevent these tragic deaths with a two-step curriculum that teaches children and adults water safety survival skills first and swimming skill development second.

Research shows that participation in formal swim programs such as British Swim School can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children who are most at risk for deaths caused by drowning.


At British Swim School, we’ve been trusted by families for over 35 years, thanks to our…

  • Individualistic approach– We get to know our students and families on a personal level, enjoying relationships that can last for years.
  • Highly-Trained, Child-Friendly Instructors– We don’t just select our instructors based on their skills and professional experience. We also look for character and a caring, fun personality, so that learning is not just safe, but fun, for your child.
  • Warm Water!– Our Franklin TN pool temperature is a warm 86 – 88 degrees. So, you won’t hear complaints of ‘I’m cold’. Kids love our pools, we hold classes year-round.
  • Year Round, Ongoing Enrollment-You don’t have to wait for the school term to start before you enroll. We welcome children and families at any time! You don’t have to ‘slot in’ with an existing class. We start new classes with other children at the same level.
  • Small Classes-We keep our classes small, so that your child gets the individual attention that he or she needs and deserves.
  • All Ages – All-Inclusive-We teach babies from as young as 3 months old, right up to adults. We’re also trained to teach children and adults with special needs. Everyone deserves to have fun in the water, learn how to swim, and learn survival techniques that will serve them their entire life.

Call us today at 615-212-2010 or click here to Find A Class and register online at our new Franklin, TN indoor pool.

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Great program!

Great Program! Testimonial from customer

The British Swim School is regarded as the best swim lesson program in the country that teaches babies 3 months and older to swim and survive in the water. They are important to any family and I highly recommend their program which “saves lives” one child at a time. Protect the ones you love most!


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