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Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons in Johns Creek

If you’re the parent of a young child in Johns Creek GA, swimming lessons are something you’ve probably considered for your son or daughter. More and more parents in the Johns Creek area are enrolling their children in baby swimming lessons. In many cases, parents now enroll their children in swimming lessons before they reach 12 months old.

This change in Johns Creek has been driven in large part by studies that have proven the benefits of baby swimming lessons. Children who take part in swimming lessons at an early age enjoy a boost in key areas, including physical, mental, and social development. Most important of all, these children gain water safety skills that reduce their risk of drowning.

Baby Swimming Lessons in Johns Creek Make Kids Healthier, Smarter, and Safer

Water safety is the number one reason why parents in Johns Creek enroll their children in baby swimming lessons. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children aged 1 to 4 years old. While children cannot learn to swim without a flotation device at this point in their life, they can be taught crucial water safety skills. Swimming lessons from British Swim School® North East Atlanta are where they can learn these skills.

One of the most critical skills that children develop in these lessons is back floating. This method of floating keeps the mouth above water, so that children remain able to breathe. Thanks to this skill, and others, multiple studies have found that children who complete youth swimming lessons have a lower risk of drowning than their peers.

Of course, water safety isn’t the only reason to enroll your child in swimming lessons. Other studies have linked swimming lessons at an early age to a host of further benefits. Children in Johns Creek who take baby swimming classes also enjoy benefits in the following areas:

  • Physical Development. Young swimmers show advanced development of coordination and balance skills.
  • Mental Development. Swimming lessons before the age of 5 have been linked to improved verbal, math, and literacy skills.
  • Social Development. In studies, children who take swimming classes are more confident and socially acclimated than their peers.

There’s one final benefit to baby swimming lessons for kids in Johns Creek: parent-child bonding time. At British Swim School North East Atlanta, our Tadpole and Swimboree lessons are parent-assisted. With mom or dad in the water, kids feel more confident, safe, and secure, allowing them to develop water safety skills more easily. Just as importantly, kids and parents enjoy quality time together in a fun and engaging setting.

Baby swimming lessons at British Swim School North East Atlanta are open to children from Johns Creek GA and surrounding areas, like Duluth, Suwanee, and Norcross. Call (770) 400-9663 today to enroll your child or learn more about our lessons.

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