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Swim Safety in Jersey City: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Splashing

Swim Instructor teaching a swim lesson to multiple children

It can be hard to find activities that the whole family can enjoy, but there’s something about splashing around at the pool that brings out the kid in all of us! However, there are always risks when your family goes near the water. That’s why we do our best to teach proper swim safety in Jersey City.

Follow These Swim Safety Tips

At British Swim School Hudson Waterfront, we want everyone in the Jersey City area to be able to enjoy their time at the pool without incident. To help your family have a safe and fun time by the water, follow these important swim safety recommendations:

  • Learn how you can help if a loved one is drowning. From taking a CPR course to learning how to spot signs of drowning (they may not be what you think) and having life-saving equipment on hand, you can be prepared to act if something goes wrong.
  • Make sure there is always a designated adult who is actively watching your kids in the water. You won’t necessarily hear a big splash or a cry for help when someone starts to struggle. To help keep your kids safe, you should actively watch them so you don’t lose sight of them in the water.
  • Have a phone nearby for emergencies, and resist the temptation to scroll through it. A phone is essential so you can call 911 in case of an emergency, but it can also be incredibly distracting. If you’re supposed to be watching the kids, just keep your phone by your side.
  • Enroll your family in swimming lessons. Learning basic water competency can help make your whole family safer by the water, and may better prepare them to react in an emergency. Just remember that you should still pay close attention to kids who have taken lessons.

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British Swim School Hudson Waterfront teaches swimming lessons for families across Jersey City, Secaucus, North Bergen, Weehawken, Hoboken, Bayonne, Union City, Edgewater, and Lyndhurst. Our primary goal is to make sure everyone stays safe in the water, so we use gentle methods that emphasize essential water competency skills.

To learn more about swim safety in Jersey City or to sign up for swimming lessons, call British Swim School Hudson Waterfront today at (201) 676-3630.