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Survival Week

At British Swim School, our number one goal is SAFETY, and we pride ourselves on our water survival weeks to concentrate all our focus on our swimmers’ safety skills in and around the water.

We believe it is crucial that children experience survival skills in the water fully clothed so they can be better prepared in this situation, with the hope to alleviate as much panic as possible.

We want to work with them in a controlled environment so they can do all the same things individually.

To stimulate that experience, we host our “Survival Week.” During this special week of lessons, all our students are asked to wear clothes over their swimwear during the regular classes.

Being in the water fully clothed, but under the supervision of instructors, allows us to teach your child vital survival skills. It is also lots of fun for the kids, as we have different themes through the year!

Your child will receive much of their usual lesson, but the instructor will also emphasize water survival, review key safety tips, and simulate an emergency situation to discuss and educate both you and our swimmers.

We want to provide information not just for when you are swimming with us, but when are swimming without us!

What to Wear:

This will depend on what level your swimmer is in. We will also continue to add activities as they progress through the levels, so please use this as a guideline and participate in the theme as much as possible, although it is not mandatory!

Tadpole, Swimboree, Seahorse, Starfish, Minnow and Turtle 1:

  • Pajama Top and bottom (t-shirt and short or pants)
  • (over swim diapers if not 100% potty trained) over a swimsuit

Turtle 2, Shark 1 & 2 and Adults:

  • Pajama long sleeve top and Pajama Long pants over a swimsuit
  • No goggles

As usual, we look forward to sharing some great safety information with you and your swimmer! We really appreciate your support so that your child can participate, and so that we can further follow our mission!


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