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Swimming Lessons and Water Safety Tips for Your Next Vacation

Water safety is about more than just swimming lessons

A large part of water safety can certainly be instilled by enrolling your kids in swimming lessons, but staying safe in and on the water is also about arming yourself with the tips and facts that are out there to help you. If you are planning on a family vacation that will involve a lot of swimming and/or water sports, below are the top vacation water safety tips to be mindful of.

Stay close to the kids

While swimming lessons are certainly an important component of water safety, even children who seem comfortable in the water need to be constantly monitored. Always plan for the worst when it comes to kids and water, which means expecting the unexpected and minimizing risk. The CDC states that almost 10 people drown per day in the United States, with 2 of those 10 being children under the age of 14.

Learn how to help a swimmer in distress

Whether it’s to help your own child, a child’s friend, or anyone else, it is important to know how to assist someone who is struggling in the water. You can inadvertently put yourself at risk by rushing in to help a struggling swimmer (many people panicking in the water end up drowning both themselves and their would-be rescuer). Kids (and anyone, really) should immediately notify a lifeguard on duty, and, if that is not an option, approach helping someone with caution – preferably extending a flotation device, rope, or stick instead of an arm or leg.

Don’t jump into water when you are unsure of the depth

Kids and adults alike love jumping into the water from heights (some of us more than others), but it is always great fun when young children start experimenting with jumping into the water from height (off a diving board, a small rock, a dock, a boat). Never let anyone jump into water if you are unsure of the depth. What’s more, even if you are sure of the depth, many injuries are caused simply by improper water entry while jumping or diving from heights.

The above tips and facts shouldn’t be taken as scare tactics, but rather as information to keep you and your children safe on the water wherever your family vacations take you. The best introduction to water safety is often swimming lessons taught by certified, competent swimming instructors, so get in touch with British Swim School today and help instill water safety skills that will last a lifetime.

Enroll at British Swim School Mississauga

Ready to get started? At British Swim School, we offer ongoing enrollments, so you get started right away, without waiting for a class session to begin. Our swim school’s unique approach allows each student to advance at their own pace. This means your child won’t be rushed if they need extra time and won’t be waiting for a new session to begin if they are ready to advance. Our swimming classes are held year-round in warm water indoor pools and are conveniently located throughout the Mississauga area.


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