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Swim Safety in Brampton: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe While Splashing

Swim Instructor teaching a swim lesson to multiple children

Swimming is the perfect activity for the whole family. It’s fun, it’s athletic, and with our temperature-controlled pools, it can be a great escape from the summer heat and the winter cold. But no matter when you’re planning to head to your favourite pool in Brampton, swim safety should always be at the top of your mind.

Essential Swim Safety Tips for Brampton Families

By following our swim safety advice, and signing your family up for our swimming classes, you can enjoy the fun of swimming with less risk. Before you pack up the car and head to the pool, review these essential tips:

  • Choose a “Pool Watcher” to keep on eye on the water at all times. Whether you’re at a public pool or hanging out at in a friend’s back yard while the kids splash around, there will always be distractions that take your eyes off of the water. Designate at least one adult at any given time to pay close attention in case something goes wrong.
  • Don’t assume that flotation devices can keep your kids safe. Floaties and other devices can be a huge help for young children as they learn how to swim, but they’re not enough to guarantee your children’s safety.
  • Study CPR and look into safety equipment and response techniques. If a child starts to drown, every minute is important. You should have a phone on hand to call 911, but if you learn CPR you don’t have to wait for the paramedics to take action.
  • Find swimming classes that focus on swim safety. Not all swimming classes are created equal when it comes to essential swim safety skills. At British Swim School Greater Toronto, we incorporate important survival techniques so that our swimmers develop full water competency.

Learn More About Our Swim Safety Classes in the Brampton Area

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, let our swimming instructors help family stay safe whenever you’re by the water. We’ve helped families in Brampton, Lakeview, Meadowvale, Churchville, and Mississauga learn key swim safety skills, and we can’t wait to teach your family too.

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