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At British Swim School Greater Toronto, we believe that swimming is an essential skill. Swimming not only provides a full body aerobic workout with no impact, but it also reduces stress, strengthens muscles, and improves flexibility. It’s also one of the few activities that can be enjoyed as a team sport or individually. But most important of all, knowing how to swim can save a life.

If you’re looking for exceptional swimming lessons in the Mississauga area that believes in the importance of water safety, look no further than British Swim School Greater Toronto. At our school, your child will learn how to swim and practice water safety and survival skills in a small group environment that’s perfect for learning. Locally owned and operated, our unique program is available to families inMississauga, Meadowvale, Brampton, Churchville, Lakeview, and the surrounding communities of Toronto.

Which class level is right for your child? Get to know our swim school and find the right class in the Mississauga area for your student with this quick overview:

  • Tadpole & Swimboree, parent-assisted classes for ages 3 to 36 months – We focus on water acclimation in these classes with activities, games, and lots of fun.
  • Seahorse, for ages 18 to 36 months – Students learn independence and skills that include an underwater rollover and float, pushing from the wall + rolling over, back floating.
  • Starfish, Minnow, and Turtle 1, for ages 3 and up – Students move from water acclimation to an elementary backstroke.
  • Turtle 2, Shark 1 & 2, for ages 3 and up – These classes start with the elementary freestyle and backstroke and advance to swimming backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly.
  • Swim Team – Students learn about teamwork and competition while building perfect swimming skills.
  • Adult Classes, for ages 18 and over – Held in small groups for personalized attention, our adult classes focus on each student’s individual goals.

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Ready to get started? At British Swim School Greater Toronto, we offer ongoing enrollments, so you get started right away, without waiting for a class session to begin. Our swim school’s unique approach allows each student to advance at their own pace. This means your child won’t be rushed if they need extra time and won’t be waiting for a new session to begin if they are ready to advance. Our swimming classes are held year-round in warm water indoor pools and are conveniently located throughout the Mississauga area.

To enroll or learn more about our swimming lessons in Mississauga, call British Swim School Greater Toronto today at(289) 569-1444. Our swim lessons are available to kids and adults of all ages and abilities inMississauga, Meadowvale, Brampton, Churchville, Lakeview, and the surrounding communities.

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