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Survival Swimming Lessons in Downtown Chicago, IL

Survival Swimming Lessons in Downtown Chicago: Giving Kids Lifesaving Skills

Water can be fun for children, but it also presents a number of inherent dangers. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children in the United States, with children 14 and younger accounting for more than 20 percent of drowning deaths. The good news: most drownings are preventable! While experts encourage a multi-layered approach to water safety, survival swimming lessons are the #1 way to reduce drowning risks.

What’s our main focus at British Swim School of Downtown Chicago? In a word: safety! We believe it’s essential to understand and practice water safety and survival skills in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the water. Our survival-based swimming lessons prepare children for unexpected water incidents and teach critical skills to reduce drowning risks. Unlike many of the “traditional” swim schools in the Chicago area, our curriculum-based program begins with the foundation of water survival first, followed by learn-to-swim programs. Our progressive and gentle teaching methods have proven effective in teaching survival skills while reducing the likelihood of a traumatic experience for children. British Swim School of Downtown Chicago is an ideal option for parents looking to develop well-rounded, happy and safe swimmers!

While our students recognize they’re learning a lifesaving skill, we have so many ways to incorporate fun, which reinforces the skills taught during lessons and helps with retention. Seasonal games and props are some of our favorites! We love showing children all of the different ways we can teach survival skills in a way that keeps them engaged and excited!

Swim instructor teaching how to float on your back to a child

Enroll in Survival Swimming Lessons to Learn Lifesaving Skills!

Ready for your child to being learning water safety and survival techniques? Our swim schools attract families from Chicago Loop, Skokie, Evanston, Hyde Park, Rogers Park, Southlake and the surrounding Downtown Chicago areas! Contact our locally based office in Downtown Chicago or enroll online to get started!