Meet the British Swim School Williamson-Smyrna Team!

At British Swim School we are dedicated to building relationships with our students and their families. Whether you call our Customer Care Center or speak with a member of the pool team, we want to provide your family with the […]

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Meet Coach Jennifer – Swim Instructor


Jennifer’s Favorite Things Favorite Stroke: Backstroke Favorite Level to Teach: Seahorse Favorite Star Wars Character: Chewbacca Favorite Disney Princess: Elsa Favorite Children’s Book: Anything by Dr. Seuss This or That? Cats or Dogs? Dogs Books or Movies? Movies Winter or […]

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Meet Coach Emily – Swim Instructor


Emily’s Favorite Things Favorite Skill to Teach: Humpty Dumpty Favorite Level to Teach: Minnow Favorite British Swim School Song: Twinkle Twinkle Favorite Movie Growing Up: Cinderella Favorite Superhero: Iron Man This or That? Cats or Dogs? Cats Books or Movies? […]

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British Swim School? There’s an App for That.

Sometimes being a parent means not having a chance to get to the computer to log into your parent portal to send British Swim School an email. We get it. And that’s why we’re always improving. We created an app […]

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Pumpkins Float. Your Kids Should Too

Pumpkin in Ring

It’s October – it’s time to see pumpkin (spice) everywhere. And you won’t escape the orange squashes at our pool! Pumpkins float, and your kids should, too. When picking out your perfect pumpkin, carving cute Jack-o-lanterns or sipping that special […]

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Adult Swimming Classes in Franklin: Getting Ready

Woman floating on her back learning with adult swimming lessons in Franklin

If you are thinking about enrolling in adult swimming classes, but not sure what to expect? British Swim School in Franklin TN is here to help. Our swimming classes are held year round in a heated indoor pool conveniently located for […]

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Have a Question? Just Ask!

British Swim School Williamson-Smyrna Swim Lesson

Do you have questions about your child’s lesson, skills, technique or progress? Just ask! The last five minutes of class are dedicated to playtime – and it’s a perfect time to speak to your child’s instructor. All questions, including those […]

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Toddler Swimming Lessons in Franklin: Why Year-Round Lessons are Important

boy in swimming lessons for toddlers in franklin

Swimming lessons are often thought of as a summer activity, but drowning is a real risk for toddlers in any season. That’s why at British Swim School in Franklin, our toddler swimming lessons are taught year-round in an indoor heated […]

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Open Water Drowning Dangers for Kids

Safe Kids

As summer winds down, many families are still visiting beaches, lakes and rivers. These open water sources are as much a danger to children as pools. Make sure your child knows how to survive should they find themselves in the […]

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Know the Facts About Drowning

baby swimming lessons in Franklin

At British Swim School in Franklin TN, part of our mission is to educate our local community about the importance of water safety with the goal of preventing drownings. Drowning is Silent Drownings or near-drownings can happen to anyone. Most […]

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