We are the premier learn-to-swim provider for people of all ages, offering programs for children ages 3-months through adults. 

We use gentle teaching methods and a survival-first approach to help people of all experience levels become safer, stronger swimmers. British Swim School’s safe, fun, and effective instructional program has made it the preferred choice for parents and students for over 40 years.


Programs for All Ages & Experience Levels

Beginning as early as 3-months, our swimmers develop a solid foundation upon which they build their confidence and swimming skills. Our program is designed to improve safety every step of the way.

Water Acclimation

Students are introduced to the pool and become comfortable in the water. In this stage, swimmers develop safe habits in a gentle and supportive aquatic environment.

Water Survival

Students are introduced to foundational safety and swimming skills. In this stage, swimmers become comfortable and confident in the water while learning to stay safe.

Stroke Development

Students are introduced to the four competitive swimming strokes. In this stage, swimmers continue to learn safety skills while working on stroke techniques.


Why Choose British Swim School?

Swim schools provide a safe and encouraging space for children to learn how to swim or to improve their swimming ability, but not all swim schools are created equal. Here’s what sets British Swim School apart.

Survival-First Approach

Goal-Oriented Program

Confidence-Building Curriculum

Fun, Gentle Teaching Methods

Small Class Sizes

Year-Round Enrollment


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