slider-201510-icon-1Water Shouldn’t Be Scary
Booooo!! October is a fun month for all things scary! Halloween is such a great time for little ones to tap into their imaginations and dress up. Seeing princesses, goblins and astronauts at my door is so much fun. A little thrill here and there is fun for everyone, but real fear is no joke.
Many people aren’t taught about water safety at an early age and fears develop. It can affect many facets of life and can be a real issue within families. Sometimes, parents inadvertently pass on that fear of water to their kids and a cycle develops.
Fears are part of life. But they can also be effectively faced and conquered.
At British Swim School, we acknowledge that many people have a fear of water. But we are armed with well-vetted techniques to help people of all ages overcome fears and build confidence. It’s extremely gratifying to see a child – or adult – come to us with fear and transform into a water-lovin’ fish!
Water shouldn’t be scary. It’s around us everywhere; it’s 70% of our planet! With the right tools and skills, everyone can enjoy beach vacations, pool parties and their overall lives so much more.
If you know someone who needs a confidence booster that we can help using our gentle, caring techniques, please send him or her our way! We’ll take good care of them.
Have a spooktacular month!
Best Regards,
Rita Goldberg
Founder & CEO