Then-now-AvantikaMeet Avantika Prabhu, a swimmer from one of our Florida locations. Below is her story, which is not only inspiring, but a joy to read. (We strived to keep the exact language she used when submitting her story.)

Avantika Prabhu
Age when student began lessons: 5
Age of student now: 7
Current program level: Barracuda Swim Team

When you began, what was your swimming goal? I wanted to get over my fear of water by learning how to swim.
What is your first swimming memory? I was scared whenever I was getting in to the pool for swimming lessons.
What was your instructor’s name? Coach Mauricio

What is your swimming goal today? To do good in all the strokes and participate in the competitions.
If you could swim anywhere, where would it be? I would always swim in the competitions with the Barracuda Swim Teamswim-team
Would you like to teach others how to swim? Yes, I would love teaching others.
What is the most valuable lesson swimming has taught you? The most valuable lesson swimming has taught me is to get over my fear of getting into water, to never give up and participating in competitions, and always be happy even if you do something wrong.