The last school bell has rung for the year!
You can hear laughter in the streets. Kids are running around with friends and enjoying the outdoors. Last month, we intentionally focused on safety. May is National Water Safety Month and it’s an incredibly important topic to us at British Swim School. In fact, I was just on another news program for CBS New York discussing water skills:
In addition, check out the awesome new video on our homepage ( and other recent press in Entrepreneur Magazine:
But June tends to bring about that feeling of a carefree summer; when days seem timeless and worries can be washed away. What a great time of year.
We love seeing the enthusiasm that accompanies the last days of school and the first days of summer. Everyone is prepared for family, friends and fun. You will most likely end up in, on or near the water within days. I encourage you to show up for swimming lessons, slather on your sunscreen, bring your favorite towels and savor the feeling of true summertime bliss.
Have fun!!
However, don’t forget all of our safety tips. There are some on our site if you, the babysitter, grandparents or neighbors need to reread them before they are responsible for kids around water. It’s possible to have fun and be safe simultaneously – we do it every day!
Thanks for being part of the BSS family,
Rita Goldberg
Founder & CEO