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Important News

Why British Swim School?

We believe that young kids need to learn water safety and swim survival skills, period.

British Swim School, the premier swim school in the nation, has been trusted by families for more than 37 years. British Swim School’s mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer. We aim to instill within our students a love and respect for water, and to foster abilities that can translate into lifelong enjoyment.

We are now accepting new enrollments.

Call us today at (650) 777-5544 for information and personal enrollment assistance, or click Find a Class to register online at our newest Peninsula location. To view our tuition schedule, please click on the Pricing Tab.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe that children can learn how to be safe in the water at ANY age
  2. We believe that the best swim lessons are held without floaties or other toys
  3. We believe that the best learn-to-swim lessons are held in small groups (4 or fewer students) and in an environment that is relaxing and focused
  4. We believe that instructors should be awesome people who are carefully selected and highly trained
  5. We believe that teaching should not only be fun and goal-oriented, but should be based on the needs of each individual student
  6. We believe that swim lessons should be year-round (ongoing) and not held in sessions.

If you share these beliefs, then we are the right swim school for you and your child.


Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 1 pm

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This place is AWESOME!

It is so hard to find a good swim school around the Peninsula and when you do, they don’t have many class time options and all the classes are filled. If you want to book swim classes through the cities around here, you have to sit at your computer once registration opens, or else all the classes get booked fast! Not only are all the staff friendly and attentive, their beliefs as a school are great as well.

K.T. - San Bruno

Extremely friendly staff.

My 6 year old loved her first lesson so much that she begged us to sign her up for another lesson for the following day. Loving the extremely friendly staff, kid-friendly lessons and teachers (songs to teach the skills, built-in play time the last 5 minutes of class), convenient location near Tanforan, and clean facilities (since it’s in a hotel). Teacher Mi has been so positive and encouraging, and gives me a quick report at the end of the lesson. The hotel has lots of free parking and a coffee bar in the lobby!

Waiming B. - San Francisco

It’s been amazing so far!

All the instructors I’ve worked with are extremely helpful and make me feel comfortable while learning how to swim. I definitely recommend!

Nihinlolu O. Adult Level 1

We love British Swim School.

I have seen so much improvement in my daughter’s swim skills. The first day she would not stop crying because she was so afraid. To see her now, going in with so much confidence and ready for her class, makes me so happy. Happy that we chose these amazing instructors from this amazing school. Survival swimming is the best thing any parent can do for their child.

Azul R

We love British Swim School.

We had a difficult time finding a swim school that felt right for us, until we discovered British Swim School. They are the one school that provides an emphasis on water safety and education, along with learning how to swim. We live on the coast, and enjoy a lot of summer activities around oceans and lakes, so our hope is our sons learn to become strong and wise swimmers. We’d also like our children to acquire the skills to know when it’s not safe to enter the water.


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