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In order to ensure the well-being of our swim families and to comply with state and local guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak, our locations are temporarily closed until we are confident that it is safe to reopen. We anticipate that demand for lessons will be high once we are able to re-open, so click the link below to join our list and be the first to know when our pool is back open!

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What’s so special about British Swim School? Here’s what we do differently:

✅ British Swim School Water-Safety Lessons work for students of ANY AGE. Most of our students are 3-4 years old, but we start as early as 3 months, and also teach adults.

✅ We teach WITHOUT FLOATIES, because they give children a false sense of safety and do not prepare them for real-life emergencies. We only use them for playtime, never for skill development.

✅ No one has more expertise. Our lessons are based on 40 YEARS OF TEACHING EXPERIENCE. We have taught hundreds of thousands of student our way, we currently teach 17,000 lessons per week - and we have seen it all. Every child is different, and our program is purposely designed to help any student no matter the age or ability (including special needs).

✅ We are the only school who teaches children in their STREET-CLOTHES during our Survival Week several times per year, because real-life accidents happen fully clothed and a child needs to know how this extra weight feels.

✅ British Swim School instructors are amazingly FRIENDLY and have been HIGHLY TRAINED in how to teach children swimming skills. They know much more than just how to swim well.

✅ British Swim School lessons are GOAL-ORIENTED to accomplish the fastest progress for any student. Master your 5 goals, and you will graduate to the next level.

✅ British Swim School lessons are held year-round ongoing and NOT IN SESSIONS, because CONSISTENCY is key in learning a new skill. You can start any time.

✅ Students learn better in SMALL GROUPS, that’s why British Swim School’s beginner classes are 4:1 max.

✅ British Swim School students graduate and advance INDIVIDUALLY, no student is held back or pressured by the progress of the group.

If you agree with this philosophy, then we are the right swim school for you! We currently operate 8 schools on the Hudson Waterfront in Weehawken, Bayonne, Jersey City and Secaucus. We have a history of over 37 years, and over 16,000 parents nationwide and more than 1,600 in Hudson County trust us today with the safety of their loved ones. Come join us!

Ready to register online? Online enrollment is easy: First, click on the map below and choose your location and then click the red "Book a Class" button to find the class that is right for your skill level. View available time slots at your desired location, then simply select the desired class and begin the online registration process.

Do you have questions and would like to talk to someone local? Our friendly group of experts is happy help! Call them at (201) 676-3630. Our lines are open Mondays through Fridays 10am to 6pm and on Weekends from 8am to 12pm.

Please note our new tuition rates starting 1/1/20 here.

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