Private Swimming Lessons in Indianapolis

Water Safety and Private Swimming Lessons in Indianapolis


Old or young, new to the water or a more experienced swimmer, British Swim School’s private swimming lessons in Indianapolis are a great way to build water safety and confidence. You get the benefit of intimate, individual teaching and training from one of our professional, certified swim instructors. 

Our first time in the water can be a stressful experience and trying to keep up in a group setting can be even more so. There are a number of benefits to private swimming classes, which include:

  • An individualized attention and training from our highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Tailored teaching that works to your unique strengths and weaknesses 
  • Full control over the speed of the lessons and learning so you get the full benefit of the instructor’s expertise. 

Coming Away a Stronger Swimmer


Over the years we have become the preferred provider of swim lessons in the northern Indianapolis suburbs because we build truly confident swimmers. Our private swim classes help you build a core set of swimming skills and competencies, including: 

  • Comfort in and around the water
  • Buoyancy and floating ability 
  • Independence in the water
  • Proper water entry and exit
  • Good technique and fundamental strokes
  • An ability to tread water for extended periods
  • Effective breathing techniques

Our private swim classes in the Indianapolis area and Hamilton County are designed to meet the needs of individual swimmers from all age groups. The only requirement is a desire to learn and have fun in the water.

We have built our reputation on safety, customer attention and care, patience and a desire to see everyone enjoy the water. Learning to love swimming should be pure joy, and getting acclimated in a private setting often helps people feel less pressure. 

Reach out to British Swim School today at (317-863-0300) or email us at and register yourself or your kids in the most complete, and most fun private swimming lessons in Indianapolis and surrounding area.