Children Swimming Lessons in Indianapolis

Why Signing up for Children Swimming Lessons in Indianapolis is a Smart Move


If you’re in Indianapolis, signing up for British Swim School’s children swimming lessons gives your kids knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime.  We have four locations to choose from in Hamilton County which allows us to teach families in Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Noblesville, and Fishers making learning to swim easy at a convenient location.

It’s a sad fact that a great many children grow up not learning how to swim and are not able to take advantage of all the water has to offer. Not only that, but a lack of knowledge of water safety can even be life-threatening in certain situations. When you give your child swim lessons at British Swim School, they leave with: 

  • Water confidence and competence
  • Less fear
  • An ability to look after themselves and others in the water
  • A fun new pastime
  • An ability to tread water and control their breathing 
  • Increased self-confidence 

Our children’s swimming lessons in Hamilton County and the greater Indianapolis area are based on skill and experience level. Young swimmers progress through “Starfish,” “Minnow,” “Turtle 1,” Turtle 2,” “Shark 1,” “Shark 2,” and can even join our Makos Swim Team. In order to graduate from level to level, kids must show they are competent in all of the required goals of each stage.  

You can enroll your kids in either group or private swim lessons. Depending on their comfort level and experience in the water, you may want to consider a one-on-one class to help them progress at their own pace, and with the instructor’s full undivided attention.  

Change a Kid’s Life with Swimming Lessons


Unless they have had a bad experience in the water, or don’t know how to swim, it is rare to find a kid who doesn’t love to play around in the water. Water and water-related activities are usually the focal points of any beach or lake vacation, and summers spent around neighborhood pools are some of the fondest memories for young children. 

As the premier provider of children swimming lessons in Indiana, British Swim School has your child’s fun and safety at the forefront of everything we do. We want kids in Indiana to grow up being able to take advantage of all the great water and swimming opportunities life has to offer. Set your kids up for a lifetime of water safety.

Get in touch by phone (317-863-0300) or email us at to register for British Swim School’s fun, safe swimming lessons in Indianapolis.