Infant & Toddler Swimming Lessons in Dupage-Kane Counties

Our Infant Swimming Lessons Are Focused On Safety And Comfort


Enrolling your toddler or infant in swim lessons at one of our easy-to-reach Dupage-Kane locations is giving them the gift of safety and confidence in the water. We love to see the looks on parents’ faces when they watch their little ones take to the water for the first time. 

Many people are amazed by how naturally young children move about in the water, and with careful coaching and guidance, they become confident little swimmers in no time. Our infant and toddler swimming lessons in the Greater Chicago Area are designed to introduce very young children to the water while remaining cognizant of the fact that their young age requires careful supervision and assistance.

Making Sure Young Children Are Introduced To The Water At An Early Age Is Paramount


It is unfortunate, but many people are under the false assumption that only older children get anything out of swimming lessons. Toddlers and Infants love the water too, and are fully capable of learning to be more confident and comfortable with practice and instruction. Our infant and toddler swimming classes in Dupage-Kane provide: 

  • A safe, relaxed and gentle introduction to swimming
  • Experience floating, kicking and moving their arms in the water
  • Practice submerging and holding their breath
  • A vital positive first impression of the water that reduces fear
  • A fantastic opportunity to bond for parents and little ones  

British Swim School swim classes for infants and toddlers require parent participation and are offered to children from three months to three-years-old. We also provide individual parent-assisted lessons. Our instructors know how to make the water safe and comfortable for infants and toddlers and have been providing introductions to the water to little ones all over North America. 

A person’s first experience in the water can shape how they feel about swimming for the rest of their life. Done right, swimming lessons for infants and toddlers in the Greater Chicago Area set the stage for a lifetime of water fun and safety. We offer four great locations: Carol Stream at the Holiday Inn & Suites, the Glendale Heights LA Fitness, the Naperville LA Fitness and the South Elgin LA Fitness.

Reach out to us by phone (call or text) at (630) 333-9382 or send us an email at Enroll your little one in our infant and toddler swimming lessons and start a lifetime of great experiences in and around the water.