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Adult Program

Swim instructor teaching an adult swimming lesson

Adult Swim Lessons: Teaching Lifesaving Water Safety Skills

With the knowledge that many adults either can’t swim or aren’t confident in their swimming abilities, we created our unique Adult curriculum to address this growing need. This program takes our traditional British Swim School methods and applies them in a way that’s specifically designed to work with adult swimmers to help them feel comfortable and safe in the water.

Overall, the most important element of this program is that everyone is working together and towards the same goal: water safety. Many individuals inaccurately associate drowning risks with children, but approximately 70% of drowning victims today are adults. Regardless of your age, knowing and practicing critical water safety skills could save your life! Learning to swim as an adult can, directly and indirectly, save more lives by not only enabling more individuals to save themselves but also equipping adults with the skills to save someone else in need!

Personalized Training to Achieve Your Goals

We recognize that every adult who comes into our program has a unique set of needs and goals and there is no “one size fits all” approach to teaching adult lessons. During the first lesson – or beforehand, if possible – we’ll review each swimmer’s goals, timeline, and foundational skill set to provide personalized attention focused on the areas that each student needs the most.

For ease of learning and teaching, we have modeled our British Swim School Adult program after our children’s program by structuring it into three levels: water acclimation, water survival, and stroke development. We have found that sticking to this progression format leads to the best and most rewarding outcomes for adults in our program.

Depending on the swimmer’s skill level and areas of need, the goals of our Adult program include:

  • Water acclimation and becoming comfortable in the water
  • Floating, treading water, and other skills to prepare you to learn full swim strokes
  • Learning and practicing traditional swimming strokes
  • Lifesaving water safety and survival skills
  • And more, depending on your goals!

Contact Your British Swim School for More Information

It’s never too late to learn how to swim! Our Adult program is offered at select British Swim School locations. Please contact your local British Swim School for more information or to get started today!

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