Oh, What a Gift!Some kids are enjoying Hanukkah; others are counting down the days until Santa arrives. Other families will celebrate Kwanzaa. No matter what you celebrate, it’s a time of year to honor the gifts in our lives. Last month, I hope I made abundantly clear how thankful I am for the entire British Swim School family. I am surrounded by amazing people, from staff to franchisees to instructors to little swimmers and their families.
This month I want to focus on three specific gifts that swimming can give.
1. The gift of sport. Swimming can mean various things to different people. In my own background, and that of many people on our team, the sport of swimming was a passion. It can be competitive, a great workout, and a lifestyle. Not all of our little fishies end up on a swim team, but for those who do, it’s an honor to play a role in getting their feet wet, so to say…
2. The gift of fun. Summertime by the pool; vacations on the beach; waterskiing with friends; river rafting with family…they are all enjoying the water. When we are safe and making the right decisions, water is generally synonymous with having a great time! When we teach our loved ones to swim, we are offering them an invitation to enjoy these activities for life.

3. The gift of life. Life is the ultimate gift, right? And providing your kids or other loved ones with life-saving skills, you are empowering them to have fun around water, armed with the knowledge that they could save their own life in an emergency. I can’t really think of a better present.
This holiday season as you walk the aisles of bustling stores, consider these gifts. Whether during the holiday season or any time throughout the year, the gifts of sport, fun and life can’t be beat!
Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Your friendship and support are a true gift to us.
Warmest Regards,
Rita Goldberg